My first mATX build for a friend. Build went smoothly, intend to put some cheap rgb strips in for aesthetics. Through Micro Center I got the mobo and cpu for $165, which I think is a killer deal. Speaking of the mobo, the bios is horrendous. Never before have I had so much trouble installing windows. The gpu is great, and easily surpasses 60fps high settings in every game I tried, but for thermal reasons I kept it capped at 60. The case was surprisingly good, and I would highly recommend it. The only really annoying thing about it was that it took me a while to figure out where the hdd is supposed to go. The hdd has great value, and works as well as you would expect it to. The ssd is super speedy, but I really wish windows made it easier to put things on a separate drive from the local disk. The ram is a bit slow, but I had a strict budget and thought compromising there would be much better than compromising on something like the gpu. I know PowerSpec is less well known than companies like Seasonic or Corsair, but it had excellent value, with the worst part by far being the ketchup and mustard cables. I put two nzxt fans in from a different build, in addition to the one stock fan. All in all, I'm very happy with this build, and would highly recommend it to gamers on a budget.

Part Reviews


Spectacular cpu, especially with a good deal from micro center.


Motherboard is perfectly functional, but the bios is horrible and it gave me the most trouble I've ever had installing Windows.


Good value ram. Works fine with a 2600 on B450.


Great for an os and a couple of your favorite applications, not noticeably slower than other SSDs I've worked with.


Not too loud, and perfect as a secondary mass media drive.

Video Card

Great value, no coil wine, not super loud fans, pretty good thermals, and excellent performance.


A surprisingly good mATX case. Lots of room for cable management, good airflow, and decent aesthetics. Just wish storage installation instructions were a bit more clear. Either way, highly recommended.

Power Supply

A less well known brand, but great value. I hate the ketchup and mustard cables though.

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you got some really solid prices on these parts. ive never personally heard of powerspec and ive heard of all the weird brands. Decided to do a little digging about powerspec and at least according to johnnyguru its Microcenters house brand (kind of like rosewill for newegg) but i was looking at the review and they gave it an 8.7 for their 850w psu. aparently sirfa is the OEM of the unit. Its fine. I know you said your budget was really tight. Personally i would have gotten the ram online since a ram kit is 16gb for like 10 bucks more but i dont want to throw shade The build is great though i wouldn't have done a single thing different with the budget/shopping limitations you had.

  • 6 months ago
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Yeah, the power supply was actually really good. If you can get it, and you're on a budget, it has great value. I would have gotten the ram online, but the choice was save 10 bucks and build it that night, or spend 10 bucks and build it another night. I was too eager to build it. Anyways, thanks!

  • 6 months ago
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Hello Periodicskills, I have found download windows on a asrock very hard to, amazing build I am stunned how cheap the build is or was. How did you get a RTX 580 so cheap and the SSD? I am wondering where did you get this parts from and do you have a full set up picture. Great build but I think you should add RGB strips that's all it needs to be the best build onn the whole Pcpartpicker. But I still love this build. Wish I can get two up votes for this build!!!!!

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I got the MSI Armor 8GB RX 580 OC off ebay new with a warranty for $130! Just gotta keep an eye out for good deals on the stuff you want. There's also a feature on here to let you know if a part goes below a certain price of your choosing on several major sites! Also if you have a microcenter near you, you will never find better deals online than they can offer in person!

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