The build was smooth and easy except for a few case fall backs. This build was fun especially since it was my 1st time building a PC for myself upgrading from a lenovo prebuild i bought at Best Buy (it had a GT 720). All the components worked perfectly out of the box and i haven't had any problems with the PC in any ways. It also performs great and went above and beyond my expectations for performance. I am very happy with how it turned out even though im most likely going to be changing the case in the near future. Feel free to leave any comments or suggestions im still kinda new at this and want as much feedback as possible

Part Reviews


extremely fast speeds i'm clocking about 4.2GHz (ISH)across all cores. Especially for the sale price of about 200$ couldn't have gotten anything better

CPU Cooler

This cooler is amazing even though it is SUPER OVERKILL! it was not necessary in the slightest and keeps not only the CPU temps at barely 70 degrees while running Cinebench but, also looks amazing in the case. (I wanted a lot of white in this build and RBG never hurt anyone)

Thermal Compound

it has 1 job and it does it 5 stars


This mother board is really nice once again a bit OVERKILL for the Price and could have gone for something a little cheaper but without all the bells and whistles such as RGB or 2 NVME M.2 slots. My ONLY complaints with this mother board is that there are only 4 fan fan headers on it granted they're hybrid and i worked it all out in the end but damn was i stressed out before i figured out how to use the motherboards APP Center to control the fan speeds. Along with the BIOS resetting every time i access it but if i save and don't touch it whatever i set it to stays.(RAM Speed)


Just basic 16 Gig kit from Team T-Force i went with this primarily for the color and RGB. There is definetly much cheaper options for a 16 gig 3600 Mhz kit but, this kit works great and looks great


500 Gig NVME M.2 drive for windows and for my initial storage works great. Insane Boot speeds if u blink u miss the bios screen. Crazy read and write speeds


great SSD give a nice amount of storage and i got it on sale so Its a win in my books... also nice read and write speeds.

Video Card

I'm Very Happy with this Graphics Card! Its amazing, the temperatures never really go anywhere once the fans turn on and it provides an amazing experience when i play any game on maxed setting. Easily putting out 250 frames in rocket league, consistency putting out frames around 150-180 for maxed setting on cod and Fortnite. Not to mention on other titles such as GTA 5, CSGO, Minecraft, and Overwatch have a really smooth and high frame rate.


Probably my least favorite part of the build mainly because of how tight everything felt and there was a minimal amount of tie down points for cable management along with size restrictions preventing me from putting my Radiator on the top on the case as an exhaust and instead I had to mount it vertically on the front of the case which kinda made it look less appealing to a seasoned eye. Although i do the the integrated RBG on the case, the tempered glass side panel, the vase amount of dust filters makes me happy, and the colors match my build so that was the main reason I got it.

Power Supply

80+ Gold certified its fully modular and it works no problems. Also, comes with decent stock cables which i will get customized in the future to white and black cables.

Case Fan

3 corsair LL120 RBG case fans so for one I could sync it with the CPU cooler using iCue and make my PC look all pretty

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  • 5 months ago
  • 1 point

Great build. I am looking for something similar minus the, as you also pointed out, motherboard and aio. I will prolly go with something much cheaper Great build!!

  • 5 months ago
  • 1 point

Thanks man! yeah, the parts were a little overkill but beauty is pain I guess lol. I would recommend a b450 tomahawk as the motherboard if you wanna deal with getting a gen 2 ryzen CPU to update the BIOS which I'm sure there's a way to have them loan you an old CPU to do that. and I'm sure if you're not looking to do any crazy overclocking the stock fan provided with ryzen CPUs will be more than efficient especially if u go with the 3600x model otherwise a Coolermaster hyper 212 black edition would be a nice add on and will undoubtedly do the trick for you without breaking the bank. My last bit of 2 cents is don't go with this case it looks nice but feels very limiting in ways such as cable management.

  • 4 months ago
  • 1 point

Sexy build. That motherboard has rgb on the top left near the Aorus logo, correct? Or is it just orange. I'm on the fence between this and the x570 Taichi. Yes very expensive options but I just can't resist lol btw that ram is my favorite as well though I'll be getting the Team Nighthawk in black :P

  • 4 months ago
  • 2 points

yea it has rgb lighitng by the log as well as by the PCI slots and its got a really nice rgb black light which can be changed by using the RGB fusion utility add on on the support page in the bios area.....yeah lol i love the ram and the mother board looks AMAZING