Decided to put together another Hackintosh at home given the success of the office machine I'm running, this time with a little more RGB and consistency between components. Stuck with NZXT for the case and lighting (you'll need an extra Hue 2 kit if you're going to add the fans).

Build works pretty well, and I'm happy with the overall machine, the only difficulty was the temperatures of the GPU given the aprox 2mm clearance between the GPU and the PSU. After tweaking it enough with the undervolting I managed to get temps down to about 75-78c under load (Division 2 and PUBG). CPU is constantly sitting at around 33c.

Mounting the radiator at the front also required removing the dust filter and putting the fans on the very front of the case and the radiator behind it. Ended up removing those standard 120mm fans and replaced them with some low profile ones so that the cover could be put back on correctly.

The RAM also prevents you from mounting the AIO block the correct way up, which is not a deal breaker, but would have been nice.

One thing to note with the Hackintosh, is that you cannot install macOS on the 970 Evo+. The 960 works fine, as does the Cruicial, which is what it's currently running on.

All in all, love the NZXT stuff, probably more enjoyable to build in than the previous Phantek case that I used for the office.

Part Reviews


Awesome looking board, a little tight between the CPU and the RAM (for AIO). You'll need to buy an NZXT internal USB hub if you want to add additional USB devices (RGB fans etc).

Video Card

Great card, little noisy unless you undervolt and tweak the fan curve quite a bit. Works great for the Hackintosh.


Great case, little dirty on the fact it doesn't use Hue 2 as that's an extra purchase you'll need to make.


  • 8 months ago
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Great build man im looking at building a hackintosh aswell

  • 8 months ago
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does the wifi work?

  • 7 months ago
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I haven't switched out the wifi card as of yet, but I'm not using wifi at the moment for it anyway. I did do it on my office hackintosh build.

  • 7 months ago
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That's a great looking hackintosh

  • 5 months ago
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A little late but how do you like the monitor? Is 32 inches too much for 1440p

  • 4 months ago
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I currently do have the H200i case as well, and am thinking of switching from my GTX 1080Ti to a VEGA 64 because of Hackintosh compatibilities.

Problem is, the VEGA 64 is massive. Might you by chance have photos showing the layout of your radiator + fans?

I currently have a H100i V2.

  • 2 months ago
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Sorry mate, haven't logged back into this for awhile. I've got the radiator in the front, with the fans mounted from the front (taking off the front plate, so the fans sit "outside" of the chassis while the radiator itself is just behind it). I needed to buy longer screws from the hardware store for this to work unfortunately. It's a tight fit (maybe 3-4mm between the radiator and the Vega 64).

  • 1 month ago
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Hi, I am planning a build using H200 case and a graphics card with 53mm thickness.

I found that there is a small support thing under your graphics card.

Does it lift too much or it just make the graphics card horizontal?

From your experience, is there any chance fitting the 53mm thickness card into H200? thx

  • 24 days ago
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Did you mount the aio sideways because it wouldn't clear the ram on this mobo?