i started a $650 pc, had a left over r9 280x powercolor which was great for gaming but i wanted more fps and knew my cpu could handle more so upgraded to a (used) r9 390 for $135 i could have paid for a (used) rx 580 butt the price was 150 at the time and i had a budget to buy also a extra 8gb of ram and an ssd should've went for more storage but i wanted to dip my feet into the world of fast storage and now i regret not getting more, i will definitely upgrade for more ssd (storage). I also wanted to do overclocking so I bought a b350m mobo and overcooked to 4.2 ghz and I believe I can go further butt my vrm are to hot so 4.2 ghz is all I can go.

Part Reviews


Great CPU for the price and unlocked for overclocking (if u have a compatible mobo). I got my CPU to 4.2 ghz and it works great I would give it a five star but the 2200g is cheaper and has a little more performance for the price and also I like to do other things then gaming and the cores are lacking but for the price it's a good deal.

CPU Cooler

Great cooler quiet, cheap, and also the cooling is great would recommend it to anyone only problem will be clearance for the case it's pretty tall, and in some cases it wont fit also I got it from a friend for free which was great butt I had a amd mobo and it does not come included so if u buy it for an amd build you WILL have to buy a am4 socket on their site


Great mobo to start with though the vrm get pretty hot after 4.15 ghz (on a Ryzan 3 1200) at least for me.


When I first bought my ram the prices went through the roof but I had no choice at the time and now u can have them for MUCH cheaper, 8gb of ram was great but now I have 16gb I just love it .


Great speed would deffinitly get more storage


Great storage but not as fast


I hate and like this case because there's only "some" room for cable management but it looks great. I should've went for the fractal design focus g case but the were selling them for $60 (in early 2018) and only had $50 left. Go for something for more room for cable management then this.

Power Supply

Great psu almost all the cables are black besides the 24 pin connector which i bought a sleeve cable extension which I can recommend, and is 620w for expansion later on.

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  • 13 months ago
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I'm impressed that you made it over 4 GHz with that CPU and motherboard combination. Nice.

  • 13 months ago
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I'll have a pic off 4.2 ghz and yeah it was pretty tricky to get it to 4.2 though I usually just use 4.15 cause I just recently got it to that speed

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  • 13 months ago
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If i was you, i would sell the hyper 212 and go for an ARCTIC - Freezer 33 eSports Edition. It has two fans and is an absolute beast