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Background story: My buddy was playing on a crappy Haswell mobile Core i3 laptop with an iGPU. He eventually got sick of 15FPS and decided to invest in a proper PCMR rig. All he could play was Minecraft and Fortnite ran at 5 FPS.

Since I already was playing on my family PC (i7-6700, R9 360, Dell) I knew a bit about computers and was gonna build one myself (mine is coming later). I had fun playing all sorts of PC games at 1080p 60fps so he eventually got intrested. When he said he had money, I suggested a PC instead of a stupid console cause ya know, PCMR. I put together a build for his $600 budget that had a Ryzen 3, but he still checked Craigslist for those sweet, sweet deals. And right when he was gonna purchase the 2200G, He found a golden deal: R3 and GTX 1060 for $550! Wow! (I'm Canadian btw so yea prices are hell.) But dude that case is hella expensive for a budget build. Also the 16GB of 2666 RAM is AWESOME. And that SSD... Wow.

So here we are: my buddy is currently stuck with a PC with no wifi, mouse and keyboard. (Lol) But hey, nice deal he scored!

My buddy is really happy that he can play his games at Ultra with 60FPS (soon) and I'm happy he didnt go for a console. I will teach him to overclock later but for now, he's satisfied.

Once again, thanks for taking a look!


Part Reviews


In 2018, a Ryzen 3 4-core for only $120CAD is great for 1080p 60fps gaming. No bottlenecking up to a 1060/580! But, it does get beaten by the i3-8100. Not so much when overclocked...


Aesthetics are on point, 2 DIMM slots is a shame compared to Gigabyte's B450/B350 offerings but hey, it's pretty good for a Ryzen 3 budget build!


Fast 2666 16GB RAM for quite cheap from a nice brand with good asthetics.


Fast SSD for really cheap.


Just a backup 500GB drive. Nothing too special.

Video Card

Beautiful 1080p performamce with 1440p/144hz potential! Nice white asthetics too.


Great case from Fractal, no side panel (but there is one with a panel.) Solid quality and cable management. Slightly expensive for no PSU shroud. Go for Phanteks' P300.

Power Supply

500W, 80+. Cheap. Good!

Hasn't exploded... yet.

Operating System

Ah, the classic Windows 10, with Pro features. Enough said.

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  • 19 months ago
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Im the guy who got the pc! Super lucky that I found that deal before I bought the 2200g. The asking price was 700 but I negotiated it down to 550.

  • 19 months ago
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Sweet deal on the r3 - 1060 combo. Good luck on your own build man!

  • 19 months ago
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Thanks dude!