I am going to Uni this year and need a PC to see me through. I game and do some CAD work in my free time so I needed something that could handle all of the tasks with ease. The pc only had a few set requirements which it needed to have: WiFi, an SSD, good connectivity and adequate cooling.

I believe that this build could not have turned out better! Its practical and efficient at what it does while looking good at the same time. If I had to change one thing it would be to replace the stock Ryzen cooler with an AIO or custom loop.

Please give your thoughts in the comments ;)

Part Reviews


From the get go I knew that the processor had to be a Ryzen chip. These beauties will go and go and go no matter what. You can overclock these chips to the point that they glow red and they will still work, unlike the Intel chips which pop as soon as you touch the bios lol

I chose the 2700x for its amazing performance and attractive price. Its 8c/16t goodness glides through any CAD work I throw at it and thanks to the included cooler it rarely reaches temps higher than 65°C


I needed a motherboard with good connectivity and a larger selection of ports, this mbo seemed to cater for all of these requirements. MSI seemed to be one of the most recommended and reputable brands out there so I had no concerns about drivers or quality. Unfortunately due to the extra power ports (top right) and the vrm heatsink, one of my 140mm fans did not fit but a 120mm would. However this is a motherboard/case incompatibility not solely the motherboard's fault.


Everyone knows that Ryzen chips love fast RAM. There are many brands however and I wanted to play if safe so I spent a little bit extra to get some Corsair memory. This set was brilliant value and quality. The 16GB (8x8) of 3200mhz memory will allow me to render and mess around on CAD with ease. It paired perfectly with the CPU and Motherboard allowing me to enable XMP settings. If I have a spare £70 in the future, I plan to double up and get 32gb!


This was a bit of a gamble due to its lack of reviews but it was one which paid off! It boots the system and loads files extremely quickly, in fact I have to hit the delete key as soon as I power the machine up in order to get into the BIOS/UEFI otherwise I miss it.

Video Card

As previously mentioned in the motherboard review, MSI seemed to be one of the most recommended and reputable gpu brands available, which eliminated any of my concerns about drivers or quality. The community was not wrong!

This gpu is a masterpiece; boasting high clock speeds, the new 'super' fast GDDR6 memory (which actually has a higher bandwidth than the 1660Ti) and even a brushed steel backplate (not many cards have these nowadays!)


This case is smart, stylish and a pleasure to work in. It does support 5x120mm fans (one included) or 1x120mm and 4x140mm however be weary of the clearance between the top fans and you motherboard. I unfortunately run into this issue with on of my 140mm fans and my motherboard's power cables/vrm heatsink.

The P350x offers elegant RGB strips along the front panel and just under the tinted glass. This is all compatible with MSI Mystic Light and looks great once programmed. There is plenty on tie-down points for cable management making the back clear to navigate should you need to. Finally the air flow is fine and not restrictive, each intake is covered in dust filters and are easy to access should you need to.

Power Supply

Corsair: check / Fully modular: check / 80+ Gold: check / Way too much power: check

What else could I want :)

Case Fan

These fans are brilliant! Super quiet and push a tone of air through my case. My only gripe is that one of them did not fit due to the extended VRM heatsink and extra power cables on the motherboard which is MSI's fault not Be Quiet!


I did not get this exact model, I opted to spend an extra £10 for the model with height and tilt adjustment. Anyway this monitor is bloody amazing! Granted it doesn't look great with its stock settings but once calibrated ....WOW!

I would strongly recommend the following;

*Set display refresh rate to 75hz via Windows (stock its 60hz)

*Turn overdrive to 0 not off (if off you get weird ghosting)

*Set contrast to 80

*Turn Adv. Contrast / eco mode / blue light reducer off

*Set black tuner to -2

*Set colour saturation to +8

*Set gamma to 2.2

*Turn i-style off

*Set sharpness to +3


Once again I went straight to one of the best keyboard manufactures, Corsair. This keyboard is simply a dream to type on, and the mouse is extremely responsive. Unfortunately there is no way to sync corsair's RGB with Mystic Light, however you can manually set the colours as you please using on-board controls.

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