Built to play modern and future games on 4K 60Hz and 3440x1440 144Hz displays.

To accomplish that, the RTX 2080 Ti was the best video card I could use. I paired it with the Ryzen 7 3700X to match performance; with it I made discounts on other components.

The VIZIO P55-F1 was a great 4K TV at its price point with strong contrast and HDR support, and it also included a 1080p 120Hz HDMI port. Once I was done using my old ASUS VS238H, I made the leap to ultrawide with the LG 34GK950F. The 21:9 aspect ratio and high refresh rate make it hard to go back to my TV sometimes.

I may upgrade the CPU cooler and get more SSD storage in the future.

Update 10/4/2019: Got the 4 TB Seagate BarraCuda HDD for storing games, screenshots, and videos. An SSD with the same amount of space would’ve cost much more, and I don’t need anything fancy in terms of HDD performance.

Update 4/1/2020: Upgraded my cooler to the Dark Rock Pro 4 to prepare for summer temperatures and allow my CPU to run Folding@home without catching fire. I also had space for the HyperX Fury S Pro XL mousepad.

Part Reviews


Gets the job done. Strong performance playing games at higher refresh rates. Hardly any issues keeping multiple apps open, and no significant framerate dips while I'm streaming a game. Boost clock works well after the AGESA ABBA BIOS update.

CPU Cooler

Big beautiful cooler. I replaced my stock Wraith Prism cooler and now my CPU temperatures are ~10 C lower on idle and ~15 C lower on load. My desktop is also much, much quieter now.

I highly recommend installation outside of the case; this is a huge cooler, and it's not compatible with all kinds of RAM.


Comes with plenty of I/O and other nice features, like the Wi-Fi/Bluetooth antenna with great range for my DualShock 4. Works well out of the box with my R7 3700X, but I've had numerous issues getting XMP to work with 3200MHz RAM. It was very unstable when I first completed my build in July, and it finally became stable in a late August BIOS update. Boot times have also been reduced significantly after the update.

XMP used to reset after a reboot, but this issue has since been fixed in the November F10 BIOS update.


Relatively cheap and reaches clock speeds as advertised. Passed numerous memtests while testing XMP stability.


Very overkill speeds for my use case, but it definitely reaches them when benchmarked. Near-instant boot from sleep and extremely fast loading times for games.


Great price for the amount of storage; cheaper than any other option I found. I keep completed games in here whenever I need to take space off of my SSD. Nothing fancy, but it works well and quietly.

Video Card

Monster of a video card. Runs any game I throw at it above 60 fps at 4K, and averages at or above 100 fps at 3440x1440 - all on ultra settings. Thermal performance is solid, and the card itself looks great inside the case. It's the cheapest RTX 2080 Ti of the bunch, but it's no slouch.

Ray tracing gives me a whole new level of appreciation for lighting systems in games. I can't wait to see it become the standard.


Beautiful and clean looking case that has plenty of space to build in. The accessory kit is located in the HDD bays after opening the back panel; it's easy to miss.

My only worry with it is CPU thermal performance, which could be linked to the case's subpar airflow.

Power Supply

Runs quietly without any issues. Comes with all of the cables I needed. Great 10 year warranty as well.

Case Fan

Easy to install with removable cable, runs quietly, and looks great inside my case with matching colored joints..

I thought it would come with 8 pads of each color for the front and back, but it wasn't too big of an issue.


Old but reliable monitor I first used with my PS4. Great response time and input lag, but picture quality is compromised with the TN panel.


Incredible monitor if you have the power to reach its specs. Colors look vibrant with its wide gamut and text looks very clean at 1440p. OSD is easy to navigate with the joystick at the bottom of the panel.

Although this is the FreeSync variant, it is compatible with G-Sync - just enable it in Nvidia Control Panel.

HDR support is poor, as with all HDR400 monitors. Windows 10 HDR implementation is buggy - stick with TV's for now if you want proper HDR.

Inverse ghosting may be noticeable using the 'Faster' response time setting at <90Hz. Changing the setting to 'Normal' eliminates this issue.

Playing games in ultrawide brings much more immersion - it's hard to go back.


Solid mouse and keyboard combo I used originally for work. But the mouse is too small and keyboard too large for my tastes.


Built well and feels great to use compared to other keyboards I've owned. Silent switches dampen the noise enough so that I don't hear them through my headphones.


Fantastic comfort after adapting (back) to a palm grip, clean look, and great battery life.

I'm satisfied with the weight - there is an additional disc weight included if you need it.


Amazing sound and comfort from these open-back headphones. The moment I first tried them, I could pick out all of the different instruments in a song.

Highly recommended paired with a ModMic for gaming, instead of using a separate headset.


Very clear and crisp sound. Clips on to any pair of headphones.

An extra cable may be cumbersome to deal with, but a sleeve is included to bundle headphones and microphone cables together.


Massive mousepad that doubles as an armrest for both mouse and keyboard. Feels very smooth and durable.


Great mid-range 4K TV for the price. HDR looks gorgeous on it, and games in native 4K look incredibly crisp.

There is a 1080p 120Hz HDMI input which is welcome for PC gaming.

I have noticed that the color depth may worsen with dithering when used as a PC monitor.

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  • 6 months ago
  • 2 points

I really like your setup and build +1, really clean look, but i have to say that paying for the 2080ti is just too much for me. It is my opinion that the high end prices of nvidia are too much.

  • 6 months ago
  • 1 point

I get that. I had enough of a budget, so I went ahead and got the top tier card.

I will say that the 2080 Ti influenced me to stretch my budget even further for an ultrawide monitor. 😅 No regrets!