It has been about 12 years since I last built a PC. There have been a few laptops since that time, the last being a ~5 year old Lenovo Y50 that, while fine for average computing, the GTX860M doesn't really handle games released past 2015.

Time for something new... My goal was decent 1080p gaming for around $2000 CAD, everything in, taxes included. It came pretty close :)

CPU: Decided to go with the 2600x instead of a 2600 and an aftermarket cooler... Bonus: Free Division 2!

Motherboard: Reviews were great... The only RGB lighting in the entire build.

Memory: Cheap. Good reviews. The MSI motherboard runs it a bit lower frequency by default - but it can be boosted with A-XMP for more FPS.

Storage: Got a great deal on MX500, so went with that... Also have a handful of laptop RPM hard drives that are basically new as I always upgrade to SSD. Will hook a couple up for some extra storage.

GPU: Was the last purchase made... The RTX 2060 had came out and after deliberation, a ditch of the RX580 was made. Bonus: Anthem!

Case: I love this case! It looks good and is rather utilitarian. It comes with two fans. An intake on the front about level with the graphics card, and an exhaust on the rear. Both are 120mm non-PWM. For a mesh case, it's quiet. I have to look at the mobo LEDs to know it's alive and breathing...

Power Supply: Got a good deal on this one too. Don't think you can go wrong ... a fully modular PSU!

Monitor: I wanted built in speakers, display port, and freesync. Check, check, check. Much nicer than gaming at 1366x768 on an infamously bad 15 inch TN... Not sure about the RTX2060 and freesync - haven't made it that far yet.

Keyboard: I'm sending this back. It's just not worth $80 dollars and the software experience is completely... meh.

Mouse: Picked up this redragon a few years ago. Works great. Lots of clicky click clicky. Might try one of their small mechanical keyboards for more clickiness.

If I had to change anything else right now, it would probably be cooling related. A tower, AIO, a couple 140mm PWM fans up front. The temps seem fine for the time being. At idle, CPU 35c and GPU 41c... I wreaked havoc around Los Santos for about an hour, with Geforce recommended settings (mostly ultra-like with pages of that extra **** turned "on"). The max temps recorded were CPU 72c and GPU 74c.

The whole process has been a lot of fun... The build itself took about 2 hours of mild anxiety and praying things don't get bent/broken/fried.

Gotta say, I've had a lot of fun on this site too, viewing tons of completed builds, reading feedback/forums/reviews, and seeing the imaginative creations. Lots of you are super smart with this stuff.

Ok, gotta get this kitchen cleared ... wifey is giving 'the look'.

Comments/questions... Cheers!

Part Reviews


Lovin this board. Wifi is nice. Lots of OC potential. Great VRM/MOSFETS. Configurations galore. Solid components. Yeah. It's good.

Video Card

Great card - build seems solid. Pushes tons of pixels smoothly and stays nice and cool. Maybe note: There was a Revision 2 Windforce OC that came out shortly after this one, it just has some different connectivity ports on the back of the card. AFAIK that is the only difference.


This monitor checked everything I was looking for and at a decent price. Includes speakers (albeit small, but they get the job done and don't sound too bad - I tend to use headphones for gaming/immersion.), HDMI, display port, freesync. Viewing angles are fine from both left, right, and viewing from above... However, viewing from the bottom will cause that TN color change. It's not bad though.. You'd have to have a 45 degree angle or so below the monitor to notice. The button placement and menu are a bit cumbersome to navigate; however, most people won't spend much time in there once everything is set up. Cool!


Well... It's a keyboard. Not great, but not bad. Keys felt a bit too stiff and kind of creaky. A bit cheap. However, I gotta say the lighting is fantastic -- it kind of looks like you're pushing keys into a colored goo or fog, so neat! Just too bad that there's a need to install all of Razers software to change from default rainbow mode... Seems it could have been optimized a bit better... The software was a big enough PITA and felt unneccessary when looking at keyboard shortcuts offered by other boards... Totally subjective stuff... At any rate, I ended up returning the board.


I've had a bunch of mice similar to this one from other chinese budget brands over the years; however they would usually start having problems (mostly switch failures) within a few months. I told myself Redragon would be the last budget one I'd go with... and so far that has stayed true. This mouse is going strong 2 or so years in. No problems. Seriously though who TF would need 16400 dpi :))) The default dpi ranges are all rather decent. And you can install redragon software to tweak everything to your liking. Only knock... The mouse is a bit on the bigger side. Cool.


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Nice Build. I would have have got a higher HZ monitor. You should be hitting 100 FPS with ease on most games on ultra @ 1080p

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Thanks! You're right- and my mind races around how nice that would have been. I figured I would have went with a rx580/590, which likely wouldnt have had the same punch as the rtx... I feel like it won't be another 12yrs before the next build. :) Maybe then... Cheers!

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Why not Meshy Freshy?

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That does have a nice ring to it

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72C for the CPU is actually very good, it translates to 62C at the die itself.