after 8 years with a HP Pavilion desktop and laptop, redemption finally begins. bang for buck build but aesthetics in mind too. aiming for 1080p 144hz gaming in titles like tf2, lol, and rocket league as well as productivity in source filmaker and microsoft paint. <$1300 | grand total with taxes: $1362.74

build log

5/1/18 - discovered that HP Pavilions weren't the only computers, intense researching and planning.

8/6/19 - ordered everything after checking everything

8/16/19 - every component present, doing last minute preparations

8/17/19 - finally built the computer, taking six hours to complete

8/18/19 - entire day spent troubleshooting and bench marking newly built PC

1/20/20 - replaced stock CPU cooler with Hyper 212 Black

Part Reviews


a board packed with things i'll probably never use. i mainly picked it up for the WiFi, which was surprisingly beyond adequate and insanely easy to install, and its glamorous looks, but other than that, the B450 Tomahawk is perhaps more justifiable, price wise.


the greatest case Fractal Design has ever made, seriously. stunning looks from the black steel combined with the obligatory tempered glass side panel and finally, the cherry on top, that titillating front mesh panel with a geometric design sucking in air nearly asphyxiating its surroundings, what more could you ask for? maybe perhaps exchanging the 2 stock fans included, although perfectly adequate in performance and noise, won't be forever. also, the tempered glass is pretty tinted, I could barely see anything in the light let alone in the dark, get some lighting in the bad boy if needed.

Power Supply

pretty standard for a power supply of this caliber, sweet that it has sleeved black cables and none of that mail in rebate ******** that every psu seems to have nowadays. although, pc lets out a farting noise once in a while and this this psu may very well be the culprit.


was planning to buy the Ducky One 2 instead but due to terrible supply and stock, opted for this keyboard instead. wonderful keyboard with a unique 'ten-key less' at the same time 'full size' layout. abs key caps but the entire thing feels very durable, and the genuine cherry browns have a noticeable tactility. i was lucky to find this keyboard as its production ended a long time ago unfortunately.


in my opinion, this is the best mouse in its price range. it has a very nice scroll wheel and mouse buttons that require little effort to click, dpi profiles, decent cord and feet, and most important of all: addressable rgb.

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Yes the PSU is the problem where the 'farting noise' comes from. Mounting it with the fan facing upwards actually fixed it for me but the psu now has coil whine when under load (thankfully tf2/casual net browsing still works fine since it's low power for me).