My first time building a computer so got help from a lot of places like, pretty easy to put together if even I managed. Built for games which works fine, it's also pretty quiet to the point that I always wonder if it shut off when going back into my room. The case says it supports graphics cards up to 440mm long but after 300mm you could lose drive bays, the card I use is 309mm but doesn't block any bays anyway. I would imagine that starts to happen above ~315mm+. Don't know about cooling or how effective it is atm need to use it more to see that.

I did make a mistake on the power supply though not expecting it to be so loud. It will probably be the first thing I upgrade to a quieter one since it kinda defeats the purpose of changing all the fans that came with the case if my PSU make more sound anyway.

Part Reviews

CPU Cooler

Easy to install and delivers what it promises, really quiet and haven't had any problems with temperature so far.


Easy access while building since you can take everything apart, plenty of places to hide cables as well. It showed that my graphics card may be too big and block drive bays but this is not a problem. It could probably support up to 315mm cards if you are creative with the cables. Looks good as well.

Power Supply

No problems spec wise but a bit louder than I thought, but that's more on me expecting more than it says.

Optical Drive

Does what it's supposed to do.

Operating System

Hate all the pre-installed app and games like a phone, otherwise it's probably just a get used to it thing. Used Windows 7 before.

Case Fan

Really silent on the level that I had a hard time seeing if they were actually working since they have no lighting and the case I used is really dark in the front.

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Nice! +1