This half goat half demon PC is ridiculously fast and is coming to town to take the bad little children away (to play video games).

Temps are low and it is entirely aircooled. The room warms up quite a bit during extended gaming sessions, I can only imagine it is from the bowels of hell opening up to devour families that have forsaken Christmas.

Overclocking a stable 4.8 @ 78 C... so you better watch out, you better not cry, because it's pointless and the goat demon will catch you if you try to run away.


The first performance benchmark image is without overclocking, the second is overclocked using MSI's one-button click for gaming mode. I decided to run the PC for daily use without overclocking since it's more than fast enough for my needs. When overclocked, the Industrial grade Noctua fan is quite audible.

Edit: I updated the parts list to reflect the final parts and prices after returns/discounts.

Part Reviews


Quite expensive but very fast. No issues with it so far.

CPU Cooler

All good so far. I swapped out the standard Noctua fan for an industrial grade 2,000 RPM Noctua fan. Getting low temps for my i9-9900K. 78 C overclocked @ 4.8 GHz, 45 C @ 4.2 GHz.


Bios is very easy to use, fit everything I needed and has lots of features.


Very fast, low profile, no RGB nonsense.


Very fast! Nearly half the price of Samsung equivalent and benchmark scores are higher.

Video Card

Very good for 1080p, can run everything on Ultra settings. I do notice some stuttering occasionally and framerates drop to 20 FPS momentarily. Normal FPS is over 90 for most games. Temps are low, 45 C idle and 67 C at max load.


Great case, looks great and easy to work in once you realize you have to put the video card in after connecting the headers. I docked it 1 star because the first time I bought it one of the thumbscrews sheared in half. Got a replacement and did not have the same issue.

Operating System

It's windows...

Case Fan

Excellent fan, very quiet, keeps everything cool.

Case Fan

Excellent fan, audible at high RPMs (1800+), keeps my i9-9900k cool.


These are OK, good size. Docked 1 star because no DisplayPort output.


Loving this keyboard, very comfortable and feels great when I type.


Very accurate and fast mouse, pairs nicely with my keyboard.

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  • 1 month ago
  • 1 point

Hi, I came from here:

Fantastic build, very space efficient and really good looking. Optimal selection of components, perfect for 1080p gaming, with that CPU and RAM I can only imagine the good FPS you are be getting, 90+ as you say on most games for sure.

Congrats on the air-cooling and the non-existent RGB.

  • 1 month ago
  • 1 point

This is an odd question did the screw sheer off the top back left? Great build! Really like the name you picked haha

  • 15 hours ago
  • 1 point

Thanks! Yep that's the one... the top back left sheared right in half! Don't tell me you had similar issue?

  • 1 month ago
  • 1 point

No offense, I think you didn’t use your budget very effectively. You could’ve paid 50 more and had 2 preinstalled fans, then use an aio. I don’t think you need 64 gb unless doing very proffers ion all workloads and even then, you only have a 2060 super which you could easily upgrade to a 2080 super if you used your budget more effectively. Still a nice looking build though

  • 15 hours ago
  • 1 point

None taken. Ya I probably could have saved a few dollars by reducing the RAM... but I was aiming for overkill and having tons of RAM is simply an amazing experience. But mostly, I didn't feel the need to upgrade the GPU because my main concern is processing power.

Your talking about the fans that came with the Corsair case right? I actually have them shelved in the closet in case I need them, these Noctuas are a little bit better.

As for AIO, you mean a water-cooled radiator all-in-one such as the Corsair H100? I was planning on water cooling only if the performance of the NH-C14CS wasn't up to par, but at low loads I'm regularly below 40C and I rarely go above 60C even when playing games on Ultra, unless it's a crazy processor intensive game such as Total War. So... there's really no point to drop the extra money and have higher risk with potential for leaks with the water cooling. I know it's low risk, but it still exists even with the AIOs.