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The Commander (First Build)

by minimon2000



Date Published

Aug. 3, 2014

CPU Clock Rate


GPU Core Clock Rate


GPU Effective Memory Clock Rate



Had some problems assembling this, namely I forgot to plug in the cpu cable EPIC FACEPALM I know that the power supply is stupid overkill, but whilst searching around for advice a video said that getting a big 'overkill' wattage psu can save you money down the line, since you can take it out and put it in a different rig:).

Part rationale: Gpu: This was actually the first part I bought because it came with a copy of watch_dogs. Got it for £165 on ebuyer, it's now gone up to £200!

Mobo: was originally going to go with the M5A97 LE R2.0, but since the case had front usb 3.0 I decided to get a motherboard which supported that.

Cpu: Probably ridiculous overkill, but got a little scared when I saw the recommended specs for watch dogs.

SSD: Got this for £45 from ebuyer. Will be adding a main storage hdd in a couple weeks, but this is fine for now. I figured I'd rather wait to install the bulk of my things and have the fast boot (>10 s.!)

Case: Looked nice, and cheap. Not much else I wanted tbh. Also has a blue LED fan in the back which makes it look cool in the dark.

Psu: WAYY too much for this build, but as I said I'll probably take it out and put it another build.

RAM: was originally going to go for dual channel, but saw it would take a month to ship and got this instead for about the same price. IMO it looks much better than the other patriot ram that I was going to get.

OS: Got an OEM for £30 from ebay. Not bad.jpg.

FUTURE UPGRADES: 1: AT LEAST A 1TB HDD. Probably the seagate barracuda.

2:AFTERMARKET CPU COOLER. Probably the hyper 212 evo, but maybe something a little more powerful for some overclocking. Unfortunately this case does not support water cooling, so if I ever want to add that I'll have to change case. Don't expect to be doing that for a while though.

3: MOAR LEDS: Probably just one blue led strip along the top/bottom of the windowed side of the case. Also possibly add another fan.

4:(edit) I would like to add a modular psu too, but I don't think I'd be doing that until I can put this one in a different machine.

P.S sorry for the cables. There's none over the mobo though. In hindsight probably would've gone with a lower wattage modular psu.

EDIT: I'm going to use this for gaming but obviously I can't install many games until I put in the hdd. :)

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Genarus 1 Build 3 points 39 months ago

could slap you for the ram overall everything is fine. You did not say what the build is for so could you tell us?

Ok so here is my overview

CPU: not overkill its a AMD it does its job with a bit more but you really cannot overkill with an AMD now an intel yes yes you can. Cpu is a decent cpu not great or bad but will be fine and do a bit more than you need at times.

Mobo: decent at best and does its job and nothing more. Good bang for buck.

Memory: Really only thing i will bash on. Having one stick is not going to get much performance as you would with 2 4gb due to channel speed. Would of been better to get the 2x 4gb but since you all ready bought it i would suggest when you get the money either get 2x 4gb or 2x 8gb since this is a single channel only and will not dual channel with another of the same from what i was reading on the specs of it. So if you want the speed boost of the ram i would suggest getting a 2x 4gb set or 2x 8gb what ever would float your boat.

Storage: decent ssd. It does its job and more and will last longer than most brands. That is something sandisk is known for so you got a good ssd for the price you paid for and good bang for your buck. Your future HDD brand is one of the better brands so should be good there.

GPU: Good card and brand will last awhile and do its job but nothing stupidly amazing but will give you good performance and graphics.

Case: cheap but affective as long as it does it's job. Noticed you tried to manage your cable but they are mostly out of the way of the air-flow for the mobo and everything else so nothing really bad there so good job on moving those out of the way.

PSU: good brand and PSU and should last awhile. Might be overkill but there is nothing bad about being rdy for power when expanding so not a bad thing at all.

OS: good choice

Overall its a good buy for the price and do what you want and some more but the memory is the only think i will harp on but changing it for 2x 4 or 8gb dual channel will increase the performance but this is a suggestion if you got the money to do so in the future. Other than that ratehr impresive cheap build hope you enjoy your build there!

QuantumEssence 1 Build 2 points 39 months ago

There won't be much of a notice in speed between dual and single channel, if he wants to improve his speed he should go down to CAS 9 instead of CAS 10.

Zethyr8 1 Build 2 points 39 months ago

I second this. You would only notice the difference when benchmarking your RAM. I have heard that AMD CPU's integrated graphics take advatage of dual channeled RAM, but seeing as to how he has a video card I'm pretty sure this won't be an issue, either.

DinoDan 2 Builds 2 points 39 months ago

That CPU doesn't have integrated graphics anyway.

coolguy562 2 Builds 2 points 39 months ago

There is no AMD CPU with integrated graphics, your thinking of they're APUs which are completely different.

Zethyr8 1 Build 1 point 39 months ago

Yeah, that's what I meant. I'm not well versed in my AMD's :)

Genarus 1 Build 1 point 38 months ago

Yea my mistake seemed to have looked at the wrong cpu

QuantumEssence 1 Build 1 point 39 months ago


Matt1313 1 Build 1 point 39 months ago

Way to be brutally honest genarus! And about the ram personally I would go ahead and buy another stick just to have 16GB and have it running dual channel (even it will not be used to full potential).

Genarus 1 Build 1 point 38 months ago

Well if ya get the same one it might dual channel some will do that but it is not comon. seen it once or twice even tho some specs says other again its not comon but could, if not you just increase your ram cap.

theblockparty 2 Builds 1 point 39 months ago

This is pretty decent. Idk what you are planning to do with this build, but if I were you I would say it needs more WOW.

I love that you included the price of an anti-static wrist strap lololololololololol.

Matt1313 1 Build 2 points 39 months ago

Because we all use those wrist bands....... Right?

Tahab_1 2 Builds 1 point 39 months ago

Nice build :D

Where'd ya get that Anti-static wrist strap? I live in the UK, and I need one.

minimon2000 submitter 1 Build 1 point 39 months ago

thanks! and just look on amazon.

Hazarded 1 point 39 months ago

lol that wrist wrap

Gshep71 1 Build 1 point 39 months ago

My build is gonna be very similar to yours. I've already purchased the same case, PSU, and i have yet to buy the AMD CPU - except quad core. I like how you included the wrist strap in your pricing, because its technically still a sunk cost in the build. Might as well account for it.