This is my first ever build, mainly aimed for casual/competitive video gaming as well as small productivity on the side... Overall the PC came out looking great in a matter of 4 to 5 hours including Software installation.

Part Reviews


At the time of purchase this CPU was just about $10 more than the regular 3600, decided to grab it and take advantage of the small OC from factory, overall it has been snappy quick, haven't put it through blender yet or other heavy CPU benchmarks, it does hit 4.3 comfortably..

CPU Cooler

Only complaint I had about this were the plastic brackets to hold the fans in place, they aren't the nicest to work with but they're bearable nonetheless.. Besides that the cooler has been keeping my CPU pretty cool in a low airflow case.. 72C when being used 100% and bouncing around the 40c area while on idle, while gaming it stays around the high 50c sometimes hitting 60c...


Many youtubers recommended the non-max version of this board for 2nd Gen Ryzen, when the max dropped at the same price it made sense to pair the 3600x with this board. Overall pretty good heatsink, some Youtubers have even been able to stress test a 3900x on this board without issues. BIOS is quite friendly and easy too.


C16 and GSkill were the deciding factors of this purchase, at the time of purchase only few other kits were around the same price.. I did have to set up an XMP profile to manually activate 3200mhz.


Originally I was going for a Sata SSD but this M.2 dropped in price during past black Friday and I had to get it... No issues so far and blazing fast. 3 to 5 sec to boot Windows, no joke....

Video Card

I had set a budget of around $350 for the GPU, my original choice was going to be the redragon 5700 but the sapphire pulse was $20 cheaper and there were barely any differences thermally and on performance... Temps are solid 38C to 40C depending on the temperature on Idle when fans are spinning, 58 to 66C while gaming and at a 100% usage. I did set up a fan curve which will be shown in the pics...


I was concerned with airflow on this case initially, however upon some hours of research I found that the airflow is not as bad as it may look on a first impression. The main thing about this case is negative airflow since there's barely any room to intake air from the front, I did upgrade the stock fans to a 140mm arctic pwm ($9) and an arctic 120mm pwm($8) respectively to increase the performance of the negative airflow setup, and I kept the stock fans in the front off , just for looks. I did test front fans on and the overall the GPU temps went up by a couple of degrees.. Ultimately I went with this case and not the P400a since I could apply a google express discount and get it for $60 instead of $80 and because this case overall just looked better visually to me. It was a good experience building in this case, great cable management room and cutouts in the back, mobo stand offs already installed and great build quality overall. Only complaint about this case is the usb type c in the front replacing the previous usb 3.0..

Power Supply

I was looking for a semi modular PSU at the range of $70, luckily this PSU went down to 69.99 during black friday and I was able to apply a google express coupon, bringing it down to $60 with taxes included.. No issues so far


My goal was to get a 1080p 144hz monitor for under $200. Originally I was going for a Sceptre 165hz but the various complaints of dead pixels and their warranty not covering them scared me away from it.. Overall I went with this monitor because it dropped to $105 during black friday and they did have a dead pixel warranty... So far its been great, not the brightest monitor out there but 10x better and more vibrant than any other TN panel in the market around that price point...

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  • 1 month ago
  • 2 points

You and I have very similar builds man, I hope you like yours as much I do mine! Great job.

  • 22 days ago
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Quick question, (and by the way, kick a** build!). did you have any issues putting the freezer 34 esports duo on your motherboard? it says on my compatibility list that it may need a separately available mounting adapter to fit on the b450 tomahawk max. I spent a bit of time looking for someone who had a build with the same mobo/cpu cooler