My factotum machine.

The CPU cooler was awful, because it's blue and white, while the other component are red and black, but the new GPU solved the problem with his backplate and his SAPPHIRE led always set to white. I use to set the keyboard's color to blue and the mouse's to red so everything is white - blue - black - red now. Why do I have to choose two color only? The most important thing is its speed given by his computational power! I always dreamed about a fast pc, so here it is!

Future changes I will change the CPU cooler for a better one someday. A Noctua, maybe? RX 480 Crossfire? Bearer of the curse.. Seek RAM, larger, more powerful RAM.

Part Reviews


Amazing CPU. Fast, reliable, overclockable. It gives you satifactions doing everything with it. The i7 version (4790K) is more multitasking than this one, but Core i5 is perfect for gaming and doing some works (programming) for a more affordable price.


Very good motherboard! Just a little bit overpriced. Also goodlooking if you have a windowed case! The UEFI BIOS is amazing, it also has secure erase functionality for SSD and overclocking-friendly utility.


Not the fastest memory, but CL9, so it's good!

Video Card

Very powerful GPU for an affordable price, when I bought it (280€)!


It's beautiful and it also let you do a nice cable management!


I found the optical mouse very good, but the keyboard is cheap (it is not a mechanical keyboard).


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I have that same HOTAS! I use it for flying on the VATSIM network through FSX.