Well suitable for CFD analysis running in parallel, fast graphic response, also you can enjoy any game in full hd or even 2.5 K. Ray tracing can be implied in various games and engineering applications, you must be ready for that.

Part Reviews


Lack a few functionalities. If you can, spend more $50 in something better.


Pretty good, but you'll need more than that if you planning to play various games.

Video Card

Better than RX5700 XT, and much cheaper than 2080 or 2080 ti.


I thought that this would be overkill, but I love to have inside space for decoration, or even to give more air flux to my parts. The design is beautiful, it sits on the top of my table, I'm not putting this lovely desktop case on the ground not a single time.

Power Supply

You should consider a power supply for your life. For now is overkill, but when I overclock or add another parts, I will be glad for that extra wattage.


Simple, doesn't have RGB features, but pretty good effects. You should invest on a palm rest to get 100% of its benefits.


Perfect for multi-task, multi-pc, multi-OS

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MSI's sub $200 x570 boards are known to have poor vrms. Here's a link to a YT Video from Hardware Unboxed that tests your particular motherboard's vrm temperatures, and that board runs hot. The particular timestamp is 9:35. If it's not too late, you might wanna swap it out. Sorry to bring the bad news, but there are better alternatives for around $200. Here are some models with a reliable vrm: the Asus TUF model or the Gigabyte Aorus Elite or the MSI MAG Tomahawk are all really good, with the latter the best (but it's not available yet). Hope this helps!