Pc mounted on a rack, stacked up on a server in a cabinet, in order to use remotely to use Xilinx software.

As Xilinx persuades their users to sacrifice their hardware to dedicate Vivado specifically for them, this beast has been built in order to be a Xilinx sacred place of adoration.

Xilinx tools require mainly memory. That's the reason why we put 32GB on it, capable to be used by many people remotely, and build projects. The graphics card would ease the graphics work (just basics, thats why the graphics card is that cheap). The ssd can move/allocate files fast, which reduces time when the software opens/copies projects/files. 480GB to store different versions of the sofware.

So far, we tested this machine running a project that took 40 minutes to build in a DELL Inspiron 15 7000 series 7548, and it took just 16 minutes.

Compiling time reduced at least 3 times.

Overclocked from 4.2GHz to 4.9GHz, CPU voltage 1.3525V

The first picture shows the old pc it was mounted on that case we used. Last picture shows the cabinet where it's been mounted.

Part Reviews


Fast, silent, overclocked up to 5GHz (not stable), and 4.9GHz(stable). Around 25-30 degrees idle. Prime95 torture test, up to 89degrees.

Just issues with MSI motherboard, not updated BIOS. (required another processor to do it). That's why we went for ASUS, capable to update BIOS from USB.

CPU Cooler

Used in the build I made for my own desktop pc:

I knew it would do the job. With 4.9GHz, doing the torture test on the i7 7700K, it seemed the fan vibrates sometimes. We got a replacement, and still does the same. Still, perfect performance for its price.


No problem at all, nice UEFI, intuitive to learn how to overclock, and very clear in its manual Nice performance, no issues at all.

It seems it's loading the default configuration of the BIOS when the pc is powered up, but it must be because the profile wasnt saved.


RAM is just RAM. So far, it performs good. For this motherboard, it must be set in the BIOS the XMP profile, to get the fastest frequency (3200MHz), instead of 2133 that gets by default.

Video Card

It does the job for what we want. Easy to plug. No external power required, just PCIe

Case Fan

It does the job, even though this case is not the perfect one to put this fan in that position, but we didn't have any more bays!

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Gt 710 with i7-7700k is a huge bottlenick