A budget build to be used for gaming and some editing.

Issues:- Took me several attempts to install OS (Windows 10) from a usb boot as I think it was corrupt, I originally downloaded it over a wifi connection using my laptop and seemed fine but would always bsod after getting to 97% installed. I downloaded another bootable usb using a wired connection (not sure if this made a difference) It worked!!!! 😊

Had some issues initially with the GPU overheating and cutting out while gaming. Since I have increased the voltage I have not encountered any other issues, to be on the safe side I have set a quite aggressive fan curve on the GPU as well.

Storage:- I use the NMVE as my boot drive and running programs I use. The SSD for games and games applications/launchers. The two HDD's are set up as a Striped volume for all my media.

Now that I have had a stable system I might try to OC a little bit but will see how the airflow is and temps are holding.

Overall I am really pleased with the way the build turned out, I enjoyed the entire process from the extensive research and youtube videos to tracking component prices and actually building the system.

Thanks for reading any thoughts/comments would be greatly appreciated.

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