CPU: What should I say? It's a 3 GHz Haswell dual core. Nothing fancy, but I will be upgrading later.

GPU: I know that someone here well mention that the Pentium is a bit of a bottleneck for the R9. Believe me, I know. I saw it on amazon for $100 and I figured that I would buy this before someone else did. It was also cheaper than the 260 I was going to get.

RAM: 4GB of RAM is about all I'll need. I might upgrade to 8GB if I need to, but I don't really do anything other than Skyping while playing any given game.

PSU: It has done it's job so far and I am pretty sure it will for a while as long as I watch my power consumption.

Case: It's small, sleek, and light. It is also pretty sturdy. I took out the side 80mm fan and the side HDD bracket to use as cable routes so I can get more airflow to the important stuff. After removing all of these and (temporarily) removing the bar on the top there was still no flex on the top of the case. Well done Cooler Master!

HDD: At the time of taking the pictures I had my old laptop's HDD in there. Now I have a WD RE3 1TB HDD which is soooooo much faster.

Thanks! -Addo

Part Reviews


The first thing I noticed when I got this case is, man, is it small. Now it isn't the smallest case but when I was looking at it on youtube I thought it would be fairly small but it is really compact. It is made of steel with some plastic on the front and includes 1 120mm intake fan and 1 80mm intake fan. There was also little to no flex when I tried stressing the case with my hands, so +1 to CM. I removed the smaller fan since it got in the way of some cables. Once I took the smaller fan out though building in it was fairly easy. My biggest gripe with this case though is that the dust filters are pretty bad. Non-existent on the sides with one in front and one on top. The one on front isn't too bad but the one on the top covering the PSU fan is terrible. The wholes are just too bug. Also, fitting my second HDD into here was a pain since, due to it being a small case, there was very little room for me to move about since I had wires all over the side where I needed to mount it. However, that is excusable due to the small nature of this case.

For those TLDR people, here is a summary:

Pros- Small and compact Professional look Sweet blue power button (more of a personal thing) Good exhaust for your GPU

Cons- PSU placement is a bit dodgy; it sits right above the motherboard and CPU Lack of proper filters

Power Supply

So far it's worked as intended. It has powered my current build consisting of an R9 270 and a G3220. I did blow out a power strip a while back and I was worried that maybe some of my parts had been damaged, but when I powered back up everything was working fine. Good PSU for the price, haven't tried overclocking but I will once I get my new CPU.

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  • 66 months ago
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The build is nice for a first attempt and is a no ******** gaming pc, but id definitely get a new HDD you can get a 1TB for like 50 dollers.

  • 66 months ago
  • 1 point

Yeah, my 1TB RE3 is on it's way and should be here today. I'm gonna completely reinstall windows onto it and then I'll update the pictures with the new Hard Drive in. I would also love to see what got censored XD

  • 66 months ago
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Actually, the 270 is not too bad for a G-series Pentium. It's at the upper end of the the processor and push, but not a bad choice.

  • 66 months ago
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Oh ok, like I said above, I was originally getting an R7 260x, but then I saw the R9 and bought it before someone else did. Thanks for the input!

  • 66 months ago
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The CPU should pass, thought a little weak for heaver games. For skyping and simple games the CPU should be plenty. What do you plan on playing with this? and how do those games preform?

I would upgrade to a small SSD first, you have a few open 2.5 bays (3 of them from what I can tell). A 128gb drive would set you back around $50ish, and install your OS and most played games to the SSD and everything else to the HDD.

If it plays what you want to play more power too you, and you have a good upgrade path.

I don't see an optical drive listed, do you plan on installing one?

Looks good with some decent room to grow.

  • 66 months ago
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As of now I do not plan on installing an optical drive simply because it is not as necessary now as it was 7 years ago. I will be upgrading to an SSD and the most CPU intensive game that I play right now is Civ 5.