This was a basic PC build for my daughter's family. The motherboard and PSU were eBay finds; the CPU was supposed to have been an eBay 2200G, but I got shipped a 2300X instead (!!!). Rather than delay any longer, I just bought a 3200G and used it. The price reflects the partial refund from the seller, and I'll use the 2300X in a later cluster node. The monitor was from craigslist.

I was curious to see how the case would stack up against the DIYPC F2, which I've also used. Neither one is bad (and neither one is great). The DIYPC has better fans, more of them (2 included instead of the Matrexx's 1), and better airflow. The Matrexx has a real tempered glass side and a stackable flat top. Both are worth a look for mATX budget builds.

The memory was originally going to be the cheapest possible, but the T-Force was 3200 MT/s, was on the mobo QVL, and added a bit of bling, for just a few dollars more.

Update: the stock Stealth cooler is a dog. I scored a used Cryorig M9a for $20 and it dropped load (prime95) temps by 10 degrees while being much quieter. The M9a is a gem if you can get it at a sane price - good luck...

Part Reviews


The 12mm Zen+ version of the workhorse 2200G, it's inexpensive yet responsive. Handles general home and office productivity tasks easily.


My first experience with an Asus board. It booted right up and and enabling DOCP got the memory to 3200 MT/s with no fiddling. The BIOS seems easy enough. It's clearly not a board for high draw CPU's, but for the 65w parts and a budget build, it's OK. I would probably lean towards the Asrock Pro4, though, for the extra m.2 slot.


They sure are bright. Got a couple memtest errors at 3200 MT/s, 3133 works fine, can't be bothered to mess with voltages (or with Ryzen DRAM configurator) to bring back the last 67 MT/s.


No obvious sharp edges, every thing seemed to fit. Real tempered glass. On the negative side, the I/O shield was hard to position positively, cable management is pretty marginal, and there's no manual I could find, not even online. The single included fan is OK. The case isn't a bad looker, and the airflow is decent enough if you add a front intake fan. Between this and the DIYPC F2, I'd take the DIYPC for most builds, for the more and better fans and better airflow.

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  • 3 months ago
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Was there a BIOS update with the Picasso CPUs and b450 mobos?

  • 3 months ago
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I used the 2300X that was incorrectly shipped to me to update the BIOS. I don’t know if the 3200G would have run on the BIOS version originally on the board. I’m pretty sure that the 3200G needs a current BIOS version if only to recognize the processor type.