I have wanted to build my own computer for about two years now. A few months ago, I started saving money and buying parts piece by piece. I bought the psu and graphics card (the price of the graphics card is low because I used gift cards) a few months ago and installed them into a pre-built computer I had so I just decided to reuse those parts. Over the last two months I bought the motherboard, memory and the case and I received the fans and sd for Christmas. I went and bought the last two parts I need (hard drive and processor) after Christmas and decided to go ahead with the build. It was a positive experience. I used Youtube videos (Paul's Hardware's recent video on building a computer was the one I used the most but I also watched videos from Linus Tech Tips, Pcpartpicker and a few others) and everything went well. It took me two hours to build it because I wanted to take my time. The difficult parts were the cable management and hooking up the cables from the case (power switch, reset switch, etc.). I might work on the cable management later on but I think it might be the best that I can do since the cables from my psu are very thick and is not modular. The computer turned on just fine and everything worked. I had some issues installing the OS on to the sd but after cleaning the drive, it finally worked. Overall, it was not as hard as I thought it would be and I am very pleased.

Update 1- 2/14/17- I added a few things to my build. First, I thought the stock fan in the case was too loud (it was a three-pin and I could not control it using my motherboard) so I replace it with a four-pin Insigna fan from best buy. It is quieter than the stock fan. In addition, I have a lot of old disc based video games I want to start playing again and I also enjoy transferring some of my dvd's in digital files for use on my Plex server so decided to buy a dvd burner/player for the computer. I know most people don't install them in builds anymore but having one fit my needs. I also got a really good deal for it since it was on sale and I also used a coupon on. By installing the dvd, I had to redo the cable management and that was a little bit of a pain. In the future, I think the next build I do will have at least a semi-modular psu to make cable management easier. Lastly, I was able to fix a audio issue I was having with the front headphone jack on the case. Apparently, the hd audio cable was not plugged all the way into the motherboard. I guess it was a rookie mistake on my part. I fixed it and now the audio from the headphone jack sounds excellent.

Part Reviews


Great processor! I am able to run my games at Ultra settings with no bottleneck that I can tell. I do some basic video editing and it does fine with that as well. The stock fan does a good job at keeping the cpu cool. At load, it stays at 50 to 60 degrees celsius. I am very happy with it.


I really have no complaints with it. Everything works fine except the audio I get from the headphone jack on my case using the HD audio from the board sounds weird. I don't know if it is the cable in my case, a driver issue or the hd audio pins on the board. To me it is not that big of a deal, the audio out on the board works fine and I either use my Bluetooth headphones or plug my headphones into the headphone jack on my speakers. Overall, it is a good basic board.

Update: I was able to fix my sound problem. I didn't have the hd audio cable plugged in correctly so it was my mistake. As a result, I am giving the board five stars. It is not a flashy board but it is great for what it is.


This memory works fine. No complaints.


This is the first SSD that I have ever owned so all I can say it that is way faster than any mechanical hard drive I have used! I am very happy with it.


Works fine for a mechanical drive but since I now have a ssd, I have noticed has much slower it is compared to it. I only use this drive for my games, videos and music. It can be kind of loud at times but nothing too bad. That being said, if I could afford a 1 TB ssd, I would of went with that option instead but that has less to do with this drive and more to do with the fact that solid state drives are much better than mechanical drives. As a storage device for your computer, I recommend it but use a ssd for your OS if possible.

Video Card

This is a very good graphics card in my opinion. I know some people have concerns about it being only 3 gbs of vram, but it does a great job for me right now. I use to have a EVGA SC GTX 750 Ti and this card blows it out of the water! I play games like Doom and Tomb Raider at Ultra settings, 60 fps. I can run Witcher 3 at between 50 to 60 fps on Ultra but I usually play it on high and I get smooth 60 fps the whole time with no dips. The only concern I have for this card is that it does run kind of hot. Before I went with a custom fan curve, it easily got to 82 degrees. It still reaches around 80 degrees on occasion but usually stays at 70 degrees. The super clock version has a better cooler on it so that might of been the better option for me. Nevertheless, I am very happy with this card due to its performance.


A decent , cheap case. There is a very small dent on the front of the case, but I think I might of put it there while building the computer. I checked it over before I started building and I didn't notice anything until after the build was complete. It doesn't bother me that much so to me it is a minor issue. In addition, the audio I get from the headphone jack on my case using the HD audio from my board sounds weird. I don't know if it is the case, a driver issue or the hd audio pins on the board. Either way, I rarely use the headphone jack on my case so it is not a big deal. The metal is kind of thin and cable management in it is decent but not great. Overall, with a case at this price (don't pay more than 35 dollars for it), most people will be happy with it. I know I am.

Update: I was able to fix my sound problem. I didn't have the hd audio cable plugged in correctly so it was my mistake. I am still giving it three stars because is a average case. It is a nice, solid, average case. Nothing more, nothing less.

Case Fan

This fans are silent and keep my case cool. Great fans.


Solid PSU that I got on sale many months ago. I used it in a pre-built machine and then re-used it to build my current machine. EVGA makes quality power supplies and this one works great. No issues so far.

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  • 39 months ago
  • 1 point

Personally, I would've gone with an RX 480 4GB over the 3GB 1060. You'd yield better performance in the long run, especially with that extra gigabyte of memory and the fact that AMD's FineWine technology exists.

I also would've gone with 16GB of RAM (or even single-channel 8 right now to cut costs) because seeing as more games are demanding more memory, I don't think 8 is really sufficient.

Otherwise, not bad!

  • 39 months ago
  • 1 point

You might be right about the RX 480 but I have always like Nvidia's products so I went with them. Right now, the 1060 3gb is performing fine for me but things made change as newer games come out. I went with 8 gigs for now just to keep cost down but I have two extra memory slots so I plan on upgrading to 16 gigs in a few months. Thank you for the feedback!

  • 39 months ago
  • 1 point

If I may ask, what kind of games do you play? I think that's the main question for people who bought the 3GB card. On average, most AAA titles use more than 3GB of VRAM, and if you're just playing E-sports titles like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or Overwatch I would argue going beyond a GTX 1050 is unnecessary. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, for example - a game I've wanted to play since release, and I do actually own now - will even run you past 4GB if you go beyond the High preset.

Also, I actually think 16GB off the bat provides more bang for the buck if you don't go with some overpriced ********, because it only adds an extra $25 to the cost. I would have highly recommended the Avexir Core pack.

  • 38 months ago
  • 1 point

3BG Gpu will be not enough pretty soon..but depends on what games you play..i would have gone for 1050ti which is 4gb and could have saved some money...not much fps diff either..but great build

  • 38 months ago
  • 1 point

Thank you for the feedback! I am very happy with the gtx 1060 3gb. I play a mix of new AAA games and older games and I play them all at Ultra or High settings at 60 fps. I might sell it and replace it next year depending on the gpu market and the performance I am getting out of it but right now it works for me. Again, thanks for the feedback.

  • 36 months ago
  • 1 point

Very nice, this case looks like it has decent airflow...