After waiting six long months, I finally received my Dr. Zaber Sentry ITX 2.0 case. Not very long after my initial interest in computer building around the launch of Nvidia Pascal, I saw a Linus Tech Tips video on the Sentry 1.0 case and knew I had to have it. Unfortunately, I just spent my hard earned and saved money to do my first PC build ( ) and missed my opportunity to purchase their 1.0 case on Indiegogo. Fortunately, they created a revised edition case and I was able to snatch it then.

I have learned a lot about computer building since then and have been excited to put my skills to the test on this tiny computer!

I use this computer as my main desktop, but I plan to tote this computer around along with a wireless mouse & keyboard, a portable monitor, and the necessary cables in a slim backpack. This will be a great solution for LAN gaming and other semi-mobile cases that will work a lot better than hooking up my laptop to an external GPU that I borrow from my desktop.

I am extremely happy with this build. It was mostly simple to build in, is super portable, and has decent noise and thermals.

If I were to give suggestions for a Sentry 3.0, I would love to see a motherboard back access panel, a little more room under the motherboard for cable routing, and some kind of GPU support bracket for the end opposite to the PCI brackets.

My only regret with this build is the CPU cooler. I sure do love this thing and was really glad to have it, but I paid FAR too much for it and its spits its heat out onto the RAM and motherboard heat sinks. If it were possible to rotate 90 degrees it would have far better airflow.

Also, it is important to note that the parts in this build were bought at various times, such as the CPU and GPU, which were used in my original build.

Part Reviews


A great CPU at the time of its launch, but should not be considered against Ryzen 3000.


I am not sure what to blame but this RAM has trouble running at its rated speed. However, its stealthy and looks good.


This is an amazing product if you can afford it. Look out for sales as this SSD can become even cheaper as the already cheapest SSD of its class.

Video Card

A great graphics card and has stood the test of time. The RGB software leaves a lot to be desired and the orange accents do not help.

Power Supply

This PSU did not come with as many goodies as my EVGA G3, but is easily the best PSU I have ever had. It comes with short (but still long enough for me) cables that are braided. I didn't realize SFX was this small!


A great monitor once you get everything set up. I noticed at fist some terrible G2G response time but it seems to have worked itself out somehow.


This mouse and keyboard combo is not for everyone, especially not the mechanical enthusiast. I love the feel of the keyboard and the batteries last forever.


These are incredible speakers especially for the price. The jump from these from the Z200's was surprising. The bass is insane if you want to be and the mids and highs are super clear.


Similar quality to the Blue Yeti that is 8x its size.

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  • 6 months ago
  • 2 points

About the RAM speed: is the motherboard BIOS reasonably up to date, say some time this year? and have you tried a full BIOS reset, which is a voodoo thing that occasionally works to cure various RAM and CPU clocking issues.

  • 6 months ago
  • 1 point

Yeah I'll definitely look into that. I've messed with that ram so much over the years. At one point I had it stable at 3733mHz! Thanks for the advice : )

  • 6 months ago
  • 2 points

I've had memory problems with vengeance lpx being recognized by the Ryzen 1600. It may be tied to the motherboard as the same chip and ram work in my Biostar Mobo but not in my MSI no matter the bios. However the memory works great in the MSI board when paired with a Ryzen 2600.... Now with my MSI laptop on the fritz, I'm going to bet it's your Mobo and MSI just makes bad stuff....

  • 4 months ago
  • 1 point

Did you get the RAM to work with the XMP profile? I had a simillar issue but with a different motherboard and RAM (3200 LPX), The system wouldn't boot with the XMP profile. I fixed it by increasing the RAM voltage a step up (can't remember the exact amount). Not sure if the same applies to your specific problem though.