I did struggle with this build at first, (first timer) but now you can see what happens when you stay persistent. Ok, i started putting this together on 1/5/17 and when i finished and finally went to turn the power on, only the mobo lights would turn on. No case fans or radiator fans or even the led on the radiator. So, i went to toms hardware and did my best to find an answer to no avail. So we all decided that i should go back to microcenter and exchange boards because it could've possibly been dead. After getting my new mobo, i went home only to realize that i accidentally put my cpu cooler mounting screws in the mobo box. I wouldn't have had an issue if microcenter wasn't a 30+ minute drive just to get there. At this time is when i started to develop a very annoying headache, hence the title. i then decided to ask a friend who recently built a pc what to do and he told me to call them so my screws didn't get shipped off and to build what i could in the pc and take it there so they could have a look at it. So, I did just that (while still having this agonizing headache). So a couple of hours before i headed out i decided to pop some aspirin to help ease my pain and suffering. I get to microcenter and wait a good 20min for help and ended up getting my mounting screws back and finding out that my issue this time is that one of the ram sticks wasn't all the way in. 4+ hours of driving over 2 days just to find out that my ram wasn't properly inserted. And ofcourse i was expecting the worst like my cpu was dead and my gpu was done for, but just a rookie mistake that I let slip by me.

Anyway, it was worth every bit of headache pain and stress after it was all said and done. Future upgrades coming soon. (most likely another ssd)

Let me know what you guys think for my first build!

Part Reviews


Very powerful and i got it for a reasonable price. Even though i just missed when it was on sale for $280.

CPU Cooler

Got it for Christmas, so I can't complain.


Looks great, and does it's job.


Got it for a good price and it's pretty fast. Plus it's white and the led's reflect off of it quite nicely.


Really fast, and I got it for an ok price.

Video Card

Beast of a card. Performance is insane and it looks as good as it performs.


Little bit of trouble at first, but after i finished it looked better than I imagined.

Power Supply

No complaints here. Gets what i need done.

Wireless Network Adapter

Great card, good price, easy to install.


Amazing and I got it for christmas as well for a great price.


Love it. Looks amazing and feels amazing.

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thanks lol

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i agree its so sexy

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