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If you can get this for around $50, it's amazing. It won't blow you away, but you will be able to play most games on med-high at 60fps.

CPU Cooler

Absolutely amazing for $25. Keeps my CPU at around 50c idle. A 30c drop from the stock cooler! Keep in mind my CPU is a 860k, so it's temps are higher than normal.


I was able to get my CPU OC'd to 4.1Ghz easily. Everything is labeled and easy to find. Only downside is there is only 2 fans headers, and one of them is in the middle of the board.


Ram is ram. It works, and looks damn fine doing it too.


This thing works fine. Boot times are under a minute, and temps are amazing. But my god the noise this thing produces is terrible. All you hear is ticking and grinding whenever you access it.

Video Card

Very good budget card in 2019. Can play most games at 60fps even at high or max settings. (Things like Sea of Thieves, Smite. or Black wake. Temps under load usually are fine at around 68c. I recommend setting up a custom fan curve as this thing on the highest fan setting gets pretty loud. I usually have the fans at 55% where they are silent.


I got this case because it came with three fans, a power supply shroud and good cable management. When it arrived I wish I went wit something else. The airflow on this thing is horrendous, the acrylic panel gets scratched up with your fingernail, and the cable management holes are placed horribly. It's flimsy, the brackets are not able to be put back on, and the fans don't push any air. Only thing good about it is the amount of room for cable management.

Power Supply

I am going to give this the title of my favorite budget psu on the market. All the necessary cables (including 1x 6+2pin which most cheaper psu's don't have). Only thing was I wish it was atleast 80+ Bronze Certified, not just 80+, but what do you expect for $25?


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Looks great!

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Thank you!

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What kind of monitor are you using? Is it 1080p?