This is the first pc that I built and I am very happy with how it turned out, all the parts match together very well and it is a budget build with aesthetics. This build will mostly be used for gaming and schoolwork.

Part Reviews


It is a very good cpu and performs well under load. Also the triangle is very easy to find and is very easy to install. A good processor and worth the money

CPU Cooler

I got a black version of this cooler off amazon which is called the "deepcool gammax gt bk" at £39.99. It keep my cpu cool under load and I only have 2 problems with it as a first time builder: . The clips that attach the fan to the cooler are a bit weird . The cable for it could be confusing but a watched a youtube vid which explained it very well linked here:"" at 19:17


It is a solid motherboard for the price and does everything I need it to do, it comes with a bios flash button so you can just plug in a usb with the newest bios on and flash it. it has 6 fan slots and only 2 rgb headers so if you want more than 2 fans overall you will need to get an rgb hub. Also the wireless internet works like a dream and I've had no problems with it yet


It is exactly what you see and read about it, looks really nice and has a speed of 3200, what more could you ask for from your memory


Great ssd for the price and is very fast, really light too and it has holes on the bottom so you can put in a drive bay or mount it to the back of your case, whatever your preference is.

Video Card

solid gpu and performs like you would expect. It comes well packaged and the light looks very nice with the brushed aluminium backplate, the only game nzxt cam has recorded yet is csgo where it ran at an average of 164 fps, will add a more demanding game when I get the fps like cuisine royale or something.


this case if for sale on amazon and is a nice clean case , it comes with 2 drive cages and all the room you could want with lighting at the front and argb fan at the back. The only complaint I have which I want other to know about before buying this case is the slats for your gpu at the back are snap off, not slide out which was never stated in their description of the case.

Power Supply

Solid power supply and does what its meant to do, have no complaints and would not cheap out and get a corsair power supply, comes with a 7 year warranty

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  • 4 months ago
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The RGB looks good with the pure look. Do you plan to give your computer a nickname?

  • 3 months ago
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Not at the moment, any suggestions?

  • 3 months ago
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  • 1 month ago
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Hello brother which monitor do you use with this pc ? I mean does free sync monitor give any problem like screen tearing or any compatibility issue regarding sync technology?