Hi All,

Since I have built a brand new computer for gaming and work, (*please check out the W.O.B. Blackout for this build:*), I've decided to re-purpose my old computer which was built back in 2009 into a smaller and more efficient machine for a Plex Media Server (PMS).

I simply stripped down my old computer and kept the CPU, Ram & SSD & HDDs and purchased the following: - a new MicroATX Motherboard complete with on-board video and this allowed me to get rid of my video card which was loud and consumed power. plus the smaller motherboard allowed me to go to a smaller case. - a new CPU cooler as the old Zalaman one was really loud after I did the rebuild and wanted to get something that would be quiet since it will be on 90% of the time. - a new micro-ATX case for a more compact and space saving PC - and finally a new PSU which is more efficient and quieter than the previous PSU from 2009.

My comments on the components can be found below. The PMS is running great and extremely quiet! Could not be happier with the rebuild.

Future plans: I am planning to pick up two more 3TB or 4TB harddrives to do a mirror set-up using windows storage spaces for backing up the files incase of drive failure. Just waiting for prices to hopefully drop. Going to attempt selling my old computer parts that I no longer need for cash to put towards the new HDDs.

Thank you and looking forward to your comments.


1-2 - new final Plex Media Server Build

3 - my old build from 2009.

4 - old build disassembled

5-6 - first run at rebuild with old Zalaman CPU cooler

7-9 - new final Plex Media Server Build additional photos

Part Reviews


Good CPU, has lasted over 8 years now and hoping to continue using it for many years to come on my Plex Media Server

CPU Cooler

AMAZING CPU COOLER!!! I've already used the R1 Universal and was very happy with it so I got this M9a for my Plex Media Server rebuild and it is absolutely perfect for my needs. VERY quiet, small, compact and clean looking. Cryorig, you make amazing Coolers and I will continue to use your products for every one of my future computer builds!


Good motherboard, does what i need and has great options. On-board video does exactly what I need. Only complaint is no USB3 port for front case ports. Not an issue for my build.


good ram, still going after 8 years.


Good SSD, used for my OS on the Plex Media Server.


Good HDD, still going strong after 8 years.


Great compact case. Great cable management and very quiet with all components running in it. Would definitely use again. Only wish it had one more HDD slot (only has 3) but has 4 SSD mounting spots.

Power Supply

Love this Semi-Modular PSU for my Plex media server. Helps keep my build clean and powered.

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  • 38 months ago
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Love to see an Phenom II x4 8xx still kicking. I build several systems with 840's when I could get the chip for 60 and the MOBO included. They would never be top end, but for basic use they were great bang for buck!


  • 37 months ago
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