So I finally managed to finish my first build. There is honestly so much that I should have done differently, e.g. not buy all the parts over a year and a half span. I'm also really, really regretting not getting more RAM before the prices became inflated. Probably the highlight of this build for me was managing to get a 980 Ti for around £280 from Novatech in a random sale, just got sent an email and they had 20 in stock for a great price and I still hadn't bought a graphics card (Thanks, Ethereum).

This site and everyone on it helped a huge amount with this build, and it's still hard to believe that 6 years ago I was dreaming of a £600 Alienware.

Sorry for the fuzzy pictures. :/

Edit: Updated images. Also got an extra monitor for productivity, Acer CB271HU. This is my main, refresh rate OC'd to 84Hz. BenQ RL2455HM is now my secondary, running at 60Hz off the iGPU. Current mouse and keyboard are Corsair K65 RGB with speeds and Steelseries Sensei. I used a Logitech G Pro after my Corsair Harpoon broke, but the Logitech software isn't great with macros and the middle click broke so I got a Sensei. Also took away the Logitech speakers and replaced it with a Sonos One for music, I use Astro A40TRs with mixamp as my main audio output though. One last thing to mention, the change from a 900x300mm to 900x400mm mouse mat is a nice one. I could never go back to the 900x300mm, the extra 100mm gives the room I needed to flick vertically in FPS games which is very nice.

Edit 2: Swapped out secondary monitor, got a stand. New keyboard (Ducky Miya Pro Sakura). Was able to move some stuff around because of the extra space I have with the new monitor stand. New images.

Part Reviews


It's a reliable, basic locked quad core CPU with a good enough clock speed. Needs little cooling power to keep good temps. Not much to say.

CPU Cooler

Basic CPU cooler that looks much nicer, is a fair bit quieter and cooler than the stock cooler. And it's a reasonable price! Good enough for me.


Chose this motherboard because it has a decent BIOS, more than enough neat tricks for me and is a pretty good price. It is also relatively colour neutral, but I originally put this motherboard in a Phanteks Eclipse P400 and it looked really out of place. I ended up upgrading to the Phanteks Enthoo Evolv TG mATX later so now it looks a lot better.


Basic RAM, does the job and couldn't afford any more at the time of building.


Great little SSD, looks really nice and has solid speeds. Not expensive and it does the job.


I bought this as an upgrade from what I think was a 1TB Hitachi NAS HDD, which would make this odd cranking sound whenever I downloaded large files. So I upgraded to this one, decent speeds and it's quiet enough. Good, reliable HDD overall.

Video Card

Great card, only real problem with it is that for some reason when I play games it goes into the low 80s. Other than that, it can smash anything you throw at it at 1080p. I also managed to get this from Novatech for a stupidly good price somehow.


Great case, airflow could be better but it has good dust filters at least. Quite big for a mATX case, but that's not a problem for me. Tempered glass is very, very nice. At least I'll get my GPU burn through nice glass.

Power Supply

Dead silent most of the time, more than enough wattage for most builds now. EVGA have done everything right with this PSU, apart from the fact that the ECO mode switch is on the inside of the case, by the cables. It's a minor annoyance.

Operating System

Better than Windows 8 for sure, and Windows 7 once you get used to it.

Case Fan

Really quiet fans, great performance. Only problem is that I can only have them in the front or I'll be seeing brown in my PC.

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Nice build, but it looks like your cpu cooler fan is hanging on for dear life ! ;p

  • 28 months ago
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Haha yeah, didn't notice in the photos. Just straightened it

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