I have always been frustrated by the wasted space inside simple ATX builds so I have been wanting to do a mini ITX build for several years now. I designed this system for 144Hz 1080p gaming and it performs outstandingly at that task.

The Cryorig C7 cooler has slight interference with the Asus X570i motherboard VRM heat sink as shown in the pictures. I used a Dremel with fiber cutting wheel to remove the interfering material from the CPU cooler. After cutting I used a file to smooth and round off the edges. The result is a 0.5-1mm clearance between cooler and VRM heat sink. This was the only modification required for this build.

PCPARTPICKER gives a compatibility warning for the EVGA GPU length, however it fit flawlessly without touching the stock 200mm fan.

The monitor, case, and CPU cooler were all bought in China with prices converted to USD.

3/17/20 Update:

I replaced the Cryorig C7 cooler with the Noctua NH-U9S. Added pictures showing the cooler clearance with the motherboard.

Before: the C7 idled at 45C with 1900rpm on the fan, gaming reached 85C with 2100rpm on the fan. After: the NH-U9S idles at 35C with 750rpm on the fan, gaming reaches 60C

Part Reviews

CPU Cooler

I chose this cooler for the looks only. The RGB brightness is quite muted. There is interference with the Asus X570i motherboard. Just something to be aware of.


The VRM heat sink causes interference with the Cryorig C7 CPU cooler. With a bit of Dremeling and filing, the C7 fits fine. Check the reddit sffpc group before selecting an aftermarket air cooler for this board.

Video Card

There is coil whine sometimes when under load. It sounds like a hard drive spinning up. Otherwise this card is amazing for 1080p 144Hz gaming.


This monitor is amazing. I tried it with Freesync with my old AMD RX470 and with my new Nvidia RTX 2060 Super in "G-Sync compatible" mode. It works flawlessly with both.

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