This is a mid range gaming build with a lot of improvements over my last few attempts, mainly in cable management and color choice. This has been a work in progress with many changes over the last few months.

I ultimately decided on a cheaper GPU to try my hand at overclocking without the need to change power sources. The 1060 6GB I bought was good enough for me, it runs Doom 2016 on ultra just fine with the overclock applied (MSI Afterburner).

CPU was on sale at Microcenter for 140 dollars so I decided to get that instead of the Ryzen 5 1600. OCd to 3.9 GHZ 1.375 V.

Went with the Raidmax Beta after searching for a long while for a case with this level of fan space.

Motherboard is X370 Gaming Plus, which supports the specific DDR4-3200 G.Skill ram I bought in A-XMP.

The CPU cooling is a little strange. If you know what the Scythe Ninja 5 looks like, you probably noticed I replaced the fans with the 2 Noctuas in my list of bought parts. I could have gone with the noctua 120mm cpu cooler, but I wanted a massive heatsink for the looks, and noctua's 120mm line of cpu coolers weren't cutting it. I bought the Scythe instead, and replaced the fans with the Noctua Reduxes, which both have the fan elbows installed for vibration reduction. You may have also noticed the back case fan does not line up with the CPU cooler. That's because I feel really lazy now and do not want to fix it.

I like the PSU, it is supposedly the most dependable Corsair model, and it hasn't failed me yet.

The WD SSD is great. In my experience, 3rd party SSDs have failed me every time. Storage is priced pretty competitively, why risk 3rd party? Even if you don't want to spend over 50 dollars, just go for a 500gb HDD from a reliable company. SSDs are super nice, but in no way necessary.

I've heard AMD likes high speed ram, so I swapped my Corsair 2400 for G.Skill 3200. No clue if it is true, I had the money to spare so why not? If you need to go cheap, go for it, I haven't noticed any major difference in performance between 8 and 16gb, but don't expect to be able to watch youtube on chrome, have spotify going and play a AAA game with 8gb.

The LED strips look great in this case, last time I had a neon green and light purple in a white case, and it just didn't work as well for me. Too many bright colors, and neon green only works in tandem with black imo. My red Noctua elbows weren't agreeing with the green at all, so I killed Santa PC and rebuilt it after the Zeta went on sale. No regrets, the case is great, the lights are hot.

Finally the fans. I got this case for the fan space, so I wanted to get a large amount of fans. I went on the cheap side with those Arctics. Eventually, I want to replace every single one of these fans with the same Noctuas on my CPU cooler, but I knew I wasn't gonna need that for these parts. Maybe once I upgrade my GPU to be on par with the rest of this machine.

Part Reviews


It's pretty good. Overclocked to 3.9 GHz, but I've heard others could get their CPUs to 4.0 GHz.

CPU Cooler

If you need an EXTREMELY QUIET, large heatsink 120mm cooler, this is okay.

However, if you are like me, and you are in the market for a ridiculously big heatsink with which you will install your own fans, this is amazing. Noctua 1700 NF-P12 reduxes are the fans I used to replace Scythe's own fans, and doing so decreased the temperatures about 9 Deg C.


As far as I know, I have not had any technical problems with this motherboard. Supports 3200 OC'd ram, but only specific brands and models. Look at their website for more info.


Works fine, I paid 10 dollars more than I would have liked to pay for it, but whatever.


Go main brands for storage please!

Video Card

Overclocks nicely. Make sure you have some case cooling if you also want to overclock.


The sheer amount of fan space is fantastic (7 if using 120mm fans), and personally, I love how this case looks.

Operating System

I don't know how to Linux.

Case Fan

These fans are great replacements for the Scythe Ninja 5 cooler. Will be replacing my entire case fan set with these.


Don't know how necessary these are, but all I know is that the NF-P12 reduxes do NOT come with elbows for vibration reduction.


Cheap, does their job how I need them to do it. If you are planning on getting a better GPU than me (1060 6GB + overclock), PLEASE wait and save for better fans, these are just barely passable for cfh and airflow. Helps to organize your cables as much as possible to allow air to pass through without obstruction.

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  • 8 months ago
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Your GPU is in the wrong slot fyi

  • 8 months ago
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Looked it up, turns out my motherboard states the second slot is pci e 16x, but it can only run up to 8x. I'll switch it back up, sucks because it looks nicer this way.

  • 8 months ago
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Actually, I read it wrong. They are both 16x, 2nd port can only run in 8x if I'm using 2 GPUs in SLI. So, there shouldn't be any performance difference if both slots are 16x, right? My benchmarks before and after moving slots seem to be equal as well.

  • 8 months ago
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Ultimately I did move the GPU up, but because the cables were a little too close to the GPU fans for my liking. Also, I had to tape the HDMI/DP/DVI slots back up because this case, unlike the previous case I used (Fractal Design Focus G) has you break the slots off, rather than screwing them in. Looks pretty stupid, but I guess that's my fault.

Performance wise, there wasn't a single difference aside from temperature, so I'm pretty sure I did not plug the GPU into the "wrong" slot, this motherboard just has 2 16x slots.

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  • 13 days ago
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Honestly, only do that if the Scythe is on sale or you just have 2 noctua fans lying around. A 120mm dual fan from noctua will probably outperform my setup at 2/3 the cost. I really only did it for the looks.

As for temps, they're golden. I have since moved on to a 1600 12nm in this build (Zen+ for the better single core), and at a 4.0 GHz OC, I have not seen temps past the mid 60s while gaming. Also, I was not able to overclock that 1700x to a point where temps were horrible before reaching instability, but that's probably motherboard limited as well as chip limited. Its overkill if you are a gamer, or really anything but trying to break records.

Final verdict: dont do this if you move a lot, I'm constantly scared of it snapping off from it's own weight lol

Edit: also, for "max temps" id just go with that 77 deg C I have in the details, it's been a while since I had that 1700x. I use IntelBurnTest for stability testing