So, today i booted up my first fully custom desktop pc build ever. Been around lurking in pcpartpiker / reddit / 9gag / youtube for 2 years until i got a job that made it become a possibility. I am really, really, truly enjoying this monster so far. At least seems like a monster to me, never got an actual decent machine as i would've wanted until this one. And overall, even due to the fact i am in Colombia and getting the parts here is generally much more expensive than what's listed on amazon / newegg... despite that i find it very cost effective.

Part Reviews


Might have gone for one of new Intel's 9th gens instead, but i had already bought this one a while back and overall not disappointed.

CPU Cooler

Was really stressed about all the reviews saying it leaked... more over due to the fact that warranty might be difficult to apply here in Colombia. But for now (2d day of usage) it's alright, looks awesome, easy to install, comes with an additional rgb strip and controller which i am not using but proves the quality that that company puts in its products. Very satisfied.


Its a mobbo so yea no big deal. Still got the Z390 instead of Z370 i had originally planned, just in case i might change cpu to 9th gen in the future.


3200 frequency but still affordable. Looks awesome matching with the White and Black case, so yea nice. Leaves room for expansion to 32gb down the road which is good.


Wasn't really sure about whether to take a 1TB conventional SSD (860 evo for ex) or an M2 NVMe. Can't really say i notice much of a difference, haven't benchmarked or anything thought, but still leaves room for another drive so yea just went with the fastest possible for now and might add another cheaper one with more capacity for storage purposes for example. Would recommend only if you are maniac as i am, else get a conventional SATA SSD, they're still the best bang for your buck.

Video Card

Great card, great value. Grab em while you can if you find good deal. Other Nvidia models are still way overpriced imho.


Great case, leaves plenty of options for fans placement, allows for good air flow, dust filters at top / front / bottom which is awesome, plus i like the color scheme / design. So yea, its a good case no big deal.

Power Supply

The one i got is actually a 850w model, because there weren't any 750w left (which would've been sufficient for this build). But the 850w GQ isn't listed on pcpartpicker weirdly enough thought. I had originally planned for a Supernova G3 750w, but after 1 month of wait, it never showed up, got a refund and went to purchase this one in-store the day after. It really is silent, semi-modular but with only one main cable attached and still leaves great options for cable management. So yea, satisfied with this one nonetheless.


Awesome monitor for gaming purposes whilst maintaining a decent look, really love it. I can work on it very comfortably as well and colors are awesome once calibrated. Would recommend 100%.


I already had a good mouse that i could use, but choosing a keyboard has actually been a part i overlooked until i realized i would need it since i had only laptops at home until now... Was looking for a "silent" mechanical keyboard and overall this one is great, feels great to type on, has awesome back-lighting, and also got the Mass Effect limited edition via newegg which does look awesome. Only con: the spacebar that rattles A LOT and makes much more noise than the rest of the keys, so kinda defeats the whole purpose of a "silent" keyboard... that kind of issues isn't something i would expect with that price tag. So wouldn't recommend due to that. I am actually waiting until i can find a decent keyboard but this one will do for now.


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Nice build man. Way to spend that hard earned $$$