This was my second build - first was for myself 3 years ago, and this one was for my little cousin who, thanks to Fortnite Battle Royale, has decided to ascend!

He wanted to use it for homework (or so he told his dad, my uncle!) and for playing Fortnite and other AAA games at decent settings and 60FPS plus.

Had loads of fun researching and picking the parts - not kept up to date with PC building developments since assembling my PC, and was glad to see that I wasn't just limited to the standard Intel i5s and i7s.

Overall, apart from issues with downloading the right drivers to get the LAN working, the build went really smoothly and we couldn't be happier with the rig!

Note: I haven't had a chance to play/test the rig yet, apart from the basic checks, so can't comment on the performance in the parts reviews below. But I will update when I get a chance.

Part Reviews


Chose this over the 2600 for budget reasons - the extra £20 or so wasn't too bad but then I probably would have had to get an aftermarket cooler which would have bumped the price up!

The stock cooler looks great, and was easy enough to install.


Nice cheap, motherboard with a good looking black/grey finish. All sockets were conveniently placed. As long as you put in your GPU last then there's plenty of room to manoeuvre.

BIOS is nice also - just remember to download the latest drivers.


Cheapest 2x4GB RAM sticks I could find. Bonus for complementing the colour scheme of the MoBo.


Cheapest SSD I could find.

It'll take you longer to say "Windows 10 Home Edition" than to boot it up!


Cheapest HDD I could find.

Video Card

The most time consuming aspect of the build was deciding on this! Was torn between this and a GTX 1060. This won in the end so that I could take advantage of the FreeSync monitor which was going for dirt cheap!

It's a really nice looking card when it's in the case, and the feedback I've gotten from my cousin is good!


I'd give this case more stars if I could - was a dream to work with!

I was a bit worried things would be tight with a MicroATX case in terms of cable managament, but there's plenty of room on the rear side with enough openings to thread cables through. Love the modular aspect of it as well, and it looks amazing!

If I could do my own PC again, I'd go for a micro build too and probably use this exact case.

Highly recommended!

Power Supply

Best bang for buck semi-modular PSU I could find. Looks good in the case and does the job. Glad that the cables were sleeved black!


A 1080p/75Hz monitor with FreeSync for less than £90! Would have liked some USB ports but for the price, can't really complain.

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  • 21 months ago
  • 2 points

Nice build

  • 20 months ago
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  • 20 months ago
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Nice build. It looks clean and follows a simple color scheme +1.

  • 20 months ago
  • 1 point

Thanks man!

  • 20 months ago
  • 2 points

+1 for the brilliant name

  • 20 months ago
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Thank you dude :)

  • 20 months ago
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  • 20 months ago
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Nice build. It looks well done. How is that GPU working for you. I have a very similar set up to yours but I am currently using a gtx 1050 I was able to snag for $100. I have been saving up and I am debating between the 1060 and the rx 580. How does this one perform and what temperatures does it get?

  • 15 months ago
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curious to if you've had a chance to see how this build has performed over the last few months. Interested in building an almost identical build, if you have any feedback it would be HUGE! thanks

  • 11 months ago
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Does the mobo support the RAM @ 1.35 volts?