Main goal of my build is to get nice looking gaming system for a long time without major updates (except GPU). It's my first own build. Why i9 9900k? I have been waiting for new Ryzen CPUs with same game perfomance but intel is still bit better for top gaming PC. I didn't want to buy 8700k because it can be not rellevant after 2 years with nextgen 8/16 consoles. RAM can be better but I bought it much earlier for Ryzen setup. However I am satisfied with it. I bought Gigabyte RTX 2080 Windforce on a big local sale for 650$ (it's very low price in my region, normally it starting from around 800$). It's bad version and I don't reccomend you to buy it for full price because it's hot and noisy and also has bios fan bug on low rpms. For that price in my country it's a good choice but I most likely will replace it for better version of 3080 when it will release next year. Even so my new computer is very quite and powerfull compared to previous one. Also I very like NZXT h500 case, it looks great! But I had replaced pretty noisy stock fans by SilentWings 3 next day after building. I already had that components: sound card, samsung SSD drive, mice, keyboard and headphones. I very recommend GSP300, it's really the most comfortable gaming headset I ever used and it also has decent sound quality.

Part Reviews


Good heater and additionaly gaming CPU.

CPU Cooler

As mentioned in manufacturer name It's very quiet. Also it carries i9 9900k in stock very well.


Good motherboard with bad led controll soft. Dual bios is very helpfull function.


It has great speed, but i don't recognize big difference with sata ssd in real usage.

Video Card

Noisy, hot, but it's still 2080. It's relevant with only price cut off.


Looks amazing, good quality.

Power Supply

Why do people buy some overpriced corsairs and so on while this masterpiece is available? Quiet, reliable, powerfull.


Best 144Hz 2k monitor for 300$ (and also it's only one).


Best choice for that price. It is very comfortable and has good sound

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  • 7 months ago
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Hey i love this monitor im thinking of buying it but when i click the link to buy it off shopping express it takes me to another model Samsung C27JG50QQE what website did you buy it off????