This was my first build and to be completely honest I didn't think part prices would change so much. I was originally planning on buying the gigabyte windforce oc 3x 2070 super but its price went up to $650 from $500, and as soon as I bought my card it's price went back down to 500. There were also some other parts that I bought at poor times which might have costed me around 80 extra bucks in the process. But regardless I'm happy that i got everything I did because this machine is pretty great.

Runs any game I throw at it at 144 fps max settings. Multitasks like a champ. I use it for gaming and school mostly. The one problem is its really hard to attach the noctua fans to the motherboard because the screws are tiny and they tend to fall out during installation. Otherwise I have no complaints.

Part Reviews


Does everything I need it to, oc is easy, nuff said.

CPU Cooler

Cools my processor great, doesnt look the greatest but hey it performs great.


Very helpful manual that includes qr codes to videos for each step in the installation. Highly recommend this board.


Great load times and easy to install.

Video Card

Absolute beast of a card. Runs any game max settings 144fps @1080p and probably 1440p. No rgb but that doesnt matter because it is faster than lightning. Havent had any issues with it. Very future proof as well.


Easy installing everything and thermals are great. Only downside is the included rgb remote is only able to be routed through the extra gpu ports so unless you want to take your back panel off everytime you want to switch colors I would buy the extra rgb controller from cooler master.

Power Supply

Not much to say other than it works and stays silent.

Operating System

Its windows and its epic


I couldnt find the exact monitor on pcpartpicker. Only difference is mine has g sync but its a great monitor.


AMAZING. Easy to setup, fully customizable rgb, compatible with other corsair rgb products, great durability, good keyswitches, and the media buttons are a lifesaver. Wouldn't trade this thing for any other keyboard.


Its a good mouse. Mine is old so it's reaching the end of its life but the blue light is good. Very responsive and has a great ergonomic feel. It also has a button that lets you do 3 round bursts in one click with semi auto guns in shooting games. Basically a triple click button. OP.


Great audio and long battery. I couldnt find my model on pcpartpicker but i have the atlas 3.

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  • 1 month ago
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What I want to know is how you are getting those temps with that CPU and that cooler. From what I've seen for that combination or similar combinations, it's usually around 30-40 at idle / 70 - 80 at load. Maybe that's just with ITX builds, though.

  • 1 month ago
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I havent done any really heavy load testing but somehow Im getting great idle temps. The cpu cooler I have is phenomenal and that combined with the dual 200m fans i have probably are creating those temps.