Lovely case to build in! (If a little awkward)

Not a very bling build at all but very practical.. Not really a fan of blinding RGB

I was looking around for months over this build and couldn't find many builds (if any for that matter) using this case to its full potential. By that i mean squeezing in a full size graphics card, full size power supply and dual water coolers.. I did for a while think it might not be possible.. I did however come up with literally! the only bunch of components out there that could fit together without either ruining the airflow or having to cut corners.

At first I was convinced I would have to go with a board that had its PCI express slot in position two on the motherboard, with the sound card eventually underneath the graphics card (since the board is mounted upside down) and the small network card above it as to not hinder air flow from the 240m rad on the top..

Not wanting to compromise on any parts i had originally wanted to fit the Super Flower Leadex II power supply (love there power supplies) for there incredible ripple suppression, cleanness and the fact that when you supply them with European 240V power they are wired for greater efficiency, far exceeding there 80+ gold standard by climbing up to 92%+..... Caused me problems for to long this one.. There are just no good boards with the x16 lane in position 2! (except the Asrock B450M Pro4, but still sub par compared to one other board)

Luckily.. waiting for the appropriate mother board to hold this little monster together, that problem worked itself out in the end with arrival of the MSI B450 Mortar! Thank God!! Literary the only MATX board that has the power to feed the 2700X without putting the VRM into a complete meltdown!

Enter the EVGA G3 750W.. I god send!!! And as it goes the reason why i though i would post my build up hear!!!..

Being a Leadex II clone built by Super Flower for EVGA only with a 150mm length as apposed to super flowers reference 165mm, and for the sake of argument.. The only power supply anyone should consider for building a high end set up in this tiny case.. I wasn't shure at first if 3m clearance space i was measuring by hand was going to be correct or not and there was no accurate information anywhere online i could find to verify if it would actually fit.. Thankfully it did! I did check hear at pcpartpicker that also gave me warning that this may not fit.. Thankfully the measurements where accurate and you can actually fit a mighty beast of graphics card into this case with this power supply, even with the x16 slot in position 1!!.. Better still is with that 3m of clearance above the PSU i decided to stick a single soft cushion pad for the Vega 64 to rest on to address the possibility of any potential PCI express sag from the weight of the thing.. Couldn't be happier :)

There is now plenty of ventilation space above the graphics card for the massively thick Arctic Freezer 240 radiator.. You won't be able to mount a card in the bottom pci slot with all the fans in push pull mind you, but then.. With a radiator this thick you really don't need to!

As it goes the 2 spare whisper quite Arctic F12 fans actually came in very handy.. Fitting one to the 120mm radiator of the Vega to make a push pull config (out the back) and the other with dust filter attached to the bottom of the case to provide cool air for the VRM, RAM and eventually the Vega radiator on its route out, both fans hooked together and controlled by the VRM temp. The 240mm cpu radiator at the top is set to intake and temperatures all round are very pleasant even under extreme stress testing.

At some point i am wanting to add a professional grade sound card, network card and slot loading blueray burner vertically behind the PSU.. Another set of 16Gb 3600mhz Tridentz at Cl15 is first priority mind you..

There is one error with the parts list.. I don't actually have the Intel 905P 480gb, it is in fact the 900P 280GB (£175-ish cheaper but the same performance basically).. Turns out there is no 900P in the pcpartpicker list and it was the next closest thing..

Performance wise.. processor tops out at 4.1ghz ish all core, 4.3ghz in single threaded work and gaming on one core or a hand full of cores at 4.2/4.25ghz.. Limiting factor being the VRM out put and not its temperature.. Damn close to maxing out the CPU though.. only loosing the last 50hz in single threaded.

Graphics wise.. The Vega can run on a constant 1650mhz core clock(perma-boost)/under-volted using 266Watts, 1100mhz (up from 945mhz) on the HBM2 that gets rid of that memory starvation that Vega has completely even when running the boosted clock speed.. Manually clocked like this it has shot up 20/25% ish.. From testing under time-spy i can see it comfortably 15/20% fast than 1080 and only 7/10% behind the 1080Ti.. All in all i am very impressed the performance these cards can put out when manually set up in afterburner..

Cant recommend highly enough how good this case and power supply set up is and would recommend it to anyone wanting to build a small form factor workstation/gaming rig without compromise!! Will try to add some better pictures in a couple of days.. The light is terrible right now and this room is manic with building work going on.. Not at all optimal..

⚡ Modification ⚡ Slightly tweaked the graphics.. As it turns out the radion built in memory overclocker actually works really well and allows the turbo clock to run at variable rate right up 1750mhz (gpu) with the mem clock locked at 1051mhz (not quite the 1100mhz I had on manual overclock but still enough to remove the memory bottle neck), highest stable I could get previously was 1650/1600mhz (gpu clock) depending on the game.. Nice bump in improvement.. Got my score neck and neck with the 1080ti now 10watt lower power used

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  • 12 months ago
  • 1 point

Interesting build. What frequency does your ram run on? Since the limit for your mobo is 3466 oc

  • 12 months ago
  • 1 point

Currently at 3200 with tight timings 14-14-14-34 (just the tightest timings profile in the "memory try it!" bios presets).. I purchased the 3600mhz CL 15-15-15-35 for there longgevity knowing that I will be upgrading to ryzen 3000 and I don't fancy buying new ram. I belive these are the same chips that are now binned for the 4000 18-18-18-38 stock.. 3600 was not stable with Agesa v4 not tried with Agesa v6 The timings for 3466 where all over the place so I just forgot about them, they worked but scored badly.. 3200 and tight timmings was much faster..

  • 12 months ago
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I'll agree, your frequency is still beastlike, and 14 cas instead of 15 is a great plus.

The Ram is Samsung b-die, right? What about your current voltage?

Thanks a lot for the precious info,you had me look up 'memory try it' and was impressed!