This build I designed specifically to just compare a smaller form factor, less expensive, workplace build against my university club's much older stock workplace computers AND against my Full ATX form factor gaming build. These tests will cover basic benchmarking and their ability to handle programs such as Solidworks, Altium, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Illustrator, and Visualize.

Part Reviews


This CPU is excellent bang for your buck. Does pretty much exactly what I wanted it too. Only reason it doesn't get 5 stars is that the description said id be getting a Wraith Spire cooler with it and instead a got a very basic old school AMD CPU Cooler. Not really sure why the description is off, But that being said the old school cooler fan is exceptionally quiet at 100%.

CPU Cooler

This piece is on its way. As I said about the CPU the cooler that showed up I was not expecting so I have ordered this with great anticipation as I have never water cooled and PC before and researched that this is a not too shabby entry level All in one water cooler.


I ordered this mainly because it was the least expensive option being an out dated chipset, with I believe no ability to handle OCing (correct me if I am wrong), and fits the Mini ITX form factor that I have never built/seen before. It appears to be holding up moderately well. I didn't have to pay for any fancy RGB lighting which I am very much fine with, and the built in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are all ways welcome. BIGEST complaint though.... the M.2 socket in on the back of the board and I think if Im going to be able to get proper use out of the blazing fast data transfer speeds I want... then I may need to get very creative with a cooling solution for it. (some sort of directed narrow (very very narrow) venting underneath the motherboard directed right at it... if anyone has any solutions please let me know!)


This was the cheapest ram I could buy... hopefully I can figure out how to get proper performance out of it with my motherboard but I may have hooped myself on that one by not researching hard enough. I'm not giving it a great rating because G.Skill literally put crappy shiny stickers on it... for god knows what reason.... and they are already coming off.... wish there was proper heatsinks or something on them.


Super good price. Makes for a blazing fast boot. Hopefully either motherboard manufacturers or storage manufactures figure out how to cool them properly in the future cause right now the WORLD is missing on some great tech with this issue.


Good Ol' Caviar Blue. Western Digital gets 5 stars because they are keeping these things cheap and relatively quality. However for future reference. Note to future self. Spend the extra dough on multiple smaller SSDs SATA 6Gbs/s cause I think ultimately Id be happier with more airflow in my mini case and nowadays I bet I could get the same amount of storage for the same price and it would be cooler, faster, and quieter. CHEAPER ISNT ALWAYS BEST BUD.

Video Card

Waiting on this.... Why do my GPUs always come last??

So at the moment I have an old Quadro 4000 running my build. Runs super hot though and my case is a huge mess and doesn't have enough airflow at all.


I'm at odds with this case. I picked it entirely on looks, price, and size alone. AND It looks pretty neat in person. However it literally came all scratched up on the face plate straight out of the Siverstone factory box... Like is that just a silverstone "you get what you pay for" thing or? The faceplate is still easily the best part of the case though, simple yet fucntional modern design. But then when you start looking at the rest of the case I kind start to think that the SUGO looses a lot of points for poor placement, warped panels left and right, and lack of cable management for thought for the Front panel compents, USB3s, power switch wires and HD aux jacks.

I think you can do a bit better Silverstone on both quality control and cable mangement design configuration.

Power Supply

Started with EVGA - BR 450 W 80+ Bronze Certified ATX Power Supply. I cant not give it credit for its good sleek design, the fact it does everything it says it does and it has a warranty.

But more self mental notes, GET MODULAR POWER SUPPLIES. I don't have enough space in my case right now for a cooling solution and this is because I have a full ATX set of wires in a mini ITX case... GOD IM AN IDIOT SOMETIMES. I will be replacing this as well to fit the water cooler and M.2 Cooling solution.

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  • 17 months ago
  • 1 point

To answer your question, the b350 chipset can overclock

  • 17 months ago
  • 1 point

Aaayyy thanks mate!

  • 17 months ago
  • 1 point

I don't know what the issue was with your was with the case. Silverstone has often been a company that makes a whole bunch of cheap cases, with a couple excellent cases (raven 2, sg-13, rl06). I have built with the version of this case with the mesh front panel, and it was amazing. That graphics card does run hot, but due to the mesh side panel it even manages to keep the firey gtx 480 cool.

  • 17 months ago
  • 1 point

I can agree with you on the case, I built one recently with the mesh front and it was fairly easy and nothing looked too scratched. However, there was warping on mine as well too and it took a small amount of bending it around to fix it, and the drive bay won't go on anymore (however, I decided against using it).

  • 17 months ago
  • 1 point

In the first photo I captured the glossy front panel and all the way long the right side those scratches were there before I received it. As well as like phlexplexico the drive bay came very warped and due to the design of how it mounts with 3.5" drives it would become warped once again if I even attempted to bend it back to level shape. This can be seen in my third and fourth photo. And for the graphics card the one I plan on actually long term having in the case just arrived today! But with the current Quadro 4000 configuration the entire case and lack of airflow primarily caused by a poor choice on power supply which will be corrected soon!

  • 3 months ago
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+1 for the athlon