So this PC here I've been using for a year and a half. It used to have only 8 gigs of RAM and no SSD, but I upgraded. I also used to have an i3, but then got into more CPU intensive stuff. I use it for school work like writing essays, which is, of course, easy to run. I also use it for my terrible attempt at 3D modeling and game design. (No more elaboration because my work is terrible at best!) I also play games on it, though I really regret getting the 1060 with 3GB, but hey, I'll upgrade in time. Is this the worst build you've ever seen, or a respectable start for a beginner in the PC building community?

BTW, a lot of the original parts I got on sale, so it was really good for the money. I don't remember how much the original build cost, but it was a really good deal.

Part Reviews


Perfect for gaming and productivity. Game design works for me, such as 3D modeling and light coding. Engines like Unity run fine, and along with enough RAM, this can destroy any content creation. Combined with a good GPU, and games run flawlessly.

CPU Cooler

This cooler can run quite loud, and will keep temps lower than the stock cooler. It hasn't had any other issues than that and looks nice. I've had it for a year and a half, and nothing seems wrong with it so far.


Good for my build. I mean maybe more USB ports would be nice, but really, the price was way too good to pass up.


I mean it's cheap ram that works for gaming, nothing really special about it. I am happy with it as it's been working fine for a year and a half.


Wasn't hard to set up, and stores what I need reliably. Speeds are really fast, too; Windows boots so much quicker than on my old Hard Drive. Would really recommend.


This 1TB appears in almost every budget build. It is truly a legendary Hard Drive. No issues after one and a half years, and it stores everything I need fine. Of course, it's a Hard Drive, so don't expect short boot times, but for the price, this is great for large game storage.

Video Card

I got it for a steal, at the time it was the cheapest 1060 I could find. I was originally worried that 3GB wouldn't be enough, however, I can play at medium to high settings at 1080p on most games now at 60~FPS. I didn't really succeed in the silicon lottery and barely got any overclock, but it is possible. This card has served me well for the past year and a half, and its small size will aid in small builds.


It's a cheap case that has two fans pre-installed with blue LED lights and blue accents around the case. It isn't the most perfect for cable management, but you could get some neatness with this.

Power Supply

I mean it's cheap, works, and doesn't have really bad spaghetti cables. It does, however, make a little too much noise, although I completely anticipated this and don't really mind.


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