This is the first computer where i've actually worked hard on. (making it look good etc) It performs nicely, 60fps in most games, i do have to upgrade my ram though. Only the hdds make the computer quite slower, i've had a ssd but it died very early, it was a kingston a400 240gb. What also died is one of my two monitors: the lg ips224v. Well it did not exactly die but the monitor began to show a purple tint in the corner of the screen and i don't know how to fix it. It was a good monitor i must say, the colors etc are good, it only makes this high frequency noise when on standby. Right now i'm using the dell p1913, also a good monitor, it's still alive after 6 years of using it, nothing wrong with it, no bad colors, no errors, etc etc.

My previous build was exactly the same, the only thing that was different was another case, a aerocool v3x blue, it was a bad case to me, cablemanagement was barely possible, it dented so fast and one time i dropped one of the sidepanels on the ground (not even from very high up) and it dented so hard that it couldnt fit on the side anymore, my gpu also didnt fit in it, so i had to mod it a bit.

The build is mostly made out of used parts and they all still work well, only the psu, the case, and the cooler are new, the rest is all second hand.

Part Reviews


Amazing processor, good performance, good temps and it still works after 7 years!

CPU Cooler

It cools the cpu very nice, an idling 35c and 55c on load and it's also really small, perfect for cases that dont support big coolers. Only setting this thing up is annoying as heck.


Good for standard builds, want to use this to make your computer look nice? Then i wouldn't recommend it. It has only one fan header for the cpu and another one for the cpu, you'll have to buy a 4/3 pin splitter if you want to use multiple fans, or just get pwm fans. The mobo also only has one pcie 3.0 16x but that doesnt matter much to me, but maybe it does for you. The blue color also doesnt look right to me, but there are enough usb ports atleast.


Does what it should do, also overclockable to 1600MHz. It does look kinda ugly tho


Bought it second hand, worked very slowly until i put the energy settings on high performance. But still kinda slow.


Has served me for 7 years now (most likely even exists longer) and hasnt died yet!

Video Card

Amazing graphics card, above 60fps with every game and is also really quiet!


Beautiful case, cablemanagement does me good, the window doesnt look that bad compared to other acrylic window cases. I do recommend putting spacers behind your motherboard on this case because gpu problems might occur.

Power Supply

Does what is should! One thing i hate with this psu is that theres only one cable for the gpu, it has 2 gpu connectors what kind of ruins cable management.

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I have the same cpu and gpu. I've had two older gpus die but still using original cpu. Super reliable. The new years resolution is to update to the 9th gen chipset. I think it's time xD