This was the first PC I built. I finished it in like 2016 but never knew how to turn it into a completed build. I was going for a very budget oriented build if you can tell by the prices. I usually bought everything while it was on sale. This is pretty much the last leg of this build until Black Friday comes around. I have changed some things since then like a new case, GPU, and SSD.

I can't wait to start my new build and I'll probably end up buying new parts for it here and there like I did with the case. The biggest parts however will probably end up being purchase during Black Friday at Micro Center.

Part Reviews


I chose to go AMD instead of Intel just because of price alone. I also had a buddy recommend this same CPU to me because he used it in his own build. So far it has been good to me and I have no complaints about it. The motherboard was kind of an impulse buy for me because it was so cheap, and the cheap Asian within me took over. I got the motherboard for $20 at Micro Center as a bundle with the CPU. I wish I would have spent a little more for a full ATX board with a USB 3.0 header for the front panel connections.


Got it for $20.


I just needed something cheap to get the PC running. This was back when memory was cheap and I got it for $27.99. I should have bought two sticks to get 16GB in dual channel but it's whatever since it works anyways. Just would have been nice.


I had the internal 1TB drive I bought for my PS4 before this. I took it out of my PS4 and used it for this build at first for the OS and all the programs. Eventually I ended up buying the 240 GB SSD on sale and it was such a good purchase. The fast boot times were something I had never experienced before.

Video Card

Started with an EVGA GTX 950 SC but upgraded to a Zotac GTX 1060 AMP! Edition when they were first launched. The 950 was perfect for what I was using it for but I wanted an upgrade when I heard about the new 10 series GPUs. The 1060 has been working flawless and running things great at 1080p60. I don't play really demanding games so I haven't really pushed it too hard. It runs quiet tho.

(Idk why I have a thing for short cards. Was probably because of my old case.)


I started out in a really budget Zalman Z1 Neo that cost like $45. I really hated this case not going to lie. This thing was pretty ugly and had no room inside. The airflow was pretty bad as well and I had to run my PC with the side panel off or the fans would kick in overdrive and it would sound like a jet. My PC overheated multiple times while I was using this case. The cable management on this case is extremely hard. My side panel had a bulge.

Which is why I switched over to the Meshify C. I really love this case. The design is nice and the tempered glass side panel is so nice to look at. It's a little tight inside, but it's way better than the Z1. The airflow is really nice with the mesh front and the cable management was surprisingly easy. Overall its a quality case that I'm excited to reuse in my next build.

Power Supply

I got this for a pretty good deal while I was browsing Best Buy and it was one of the first parts I even bought before I was even going to build a PC. I guess this is what forced me into committing and building my PC because I had already bought something so there was no going back. It was and open box item so I got it for like $15 off the list price. I wish I had a modular or semi modular PSU, but it gets the job done and has worked well so far.

Operating System

Got it for free from my Community College's Computer Science and Engineering Department when I was enrolled there.


pcpartpicker didn't have my monitor on their site (HP 25es) so I just picked the closest one. I got this monitor on sale for $120 during memorial day weekend or something. It's not the best monitor, and I wish i had spent a little more and got something better. However, I was tired of using my TV as a monitor so I ended up impulse buying it. I'll probably keep it and use it as a second monitor for my next build.


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Good starter build. Not sure What your plans are with it since you stated you want to start building a new one. Until that happens you can up the performance by finding another stick of the same memory and run dual channel. Also maybe a mild OC on the FX as far as your cooler can allow?

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Thank you! I plan to keep using it until I can afford to shell out for a new Mobo, CPU, and DDR4. I'll probably upgrade it with an AIO cooler so I can overclock it. I can't OC it now since I'm using the stock cooler.

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Nice build here. I have a build with the same Mobo that came with the 6300 but since upgraded to the 8350. As you did mention, getting more RAM makes a huge difference, I was also in that same boat with only 8GB at first. Best of luck to ya!

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Thank you! I was thinking about upgrading to the 8350 as well but might just go the Intel route. I just wish ram wasn't so expensive. It's crazy how the same stick went from under $30 to double the price.

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Honestly be better to save up a little bit and go the Intel route or Ryzen or something. 8350 is outdated a bit already.

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Yeah I plan to wait it out maybe until Black Friday to get a good combo at Micro Center

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Thank you! Yeah I just bought an adapter. I never bought one for my old case because it had 2 2.0 ports and 1 3.0 port on the front IO. Since the Meshify C only has 2 3.0 ports, it kind of bugs me and I wanted to have them usable at least.