I plan to use this machine not only for some gaming, but programming, 3d modeling, video, streaming.

Part Reviews


Did not get much benchmarking in yet but I did use it some already and its a fast cpu. In gaming in 4K, all the games I have thrown at it including GTA V, the FPS is at 60. Sorry forgot to turn VSync off. But still no studdering just smooth gameplay. My internet connection is somewhat slower than usual right now so its taking me longer to download all my games and programs

CPU Cooler

I get a solid 28C idle and 34C under load so far. I only have a mild OC so far of 3.8GHz. I was spending allot of time troubleshooting ram timing issues.


If you know my builds, I am always getting a Gigabyte motherboard. I trust them that much.


It took me all night and most of the morning to figure out one digit on the timing was off. I am only able to get 2666 at the present time. I know I get higher if I play with the timings a bit more, but I had 2 more builds to do and I watched Level 1 Tech about the issue and said it is easier to reach 2666 on this kit rather than trying my luck at this time. The softeware is still in beta for the RGB at this present time.


It was a good price, their Caviar Blue HD work really good so I gave it a try. So far so good


Same reason as for the M.2. Good Price for a 1TB


I liked the price for 2TB storage. They work well

Video Card

My only issue with this card is the ultra flimsy back-plate. Gigabyte should have done a better job in this area for a high end card like this


Plenty of room. I got this case mainly to match my Nano S in my office

Power Supply

Good power delivery, have not heard the fans spool up yet.

Operating System

I actrually settled on the Home version. The pro version had too features I actually do not need.


Really nice gaming mouse. The software app for it is heavy on your system resources however


These cables look really beefy and really awsome. I actually bought another set for another build


I really like this Keyboard since I already had the K55 and was really happy with it


You have all the adjustments you will ever need. Fantastic ultra sharp clear pictures and graphics. I plan on buying another one

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Logged in just to say, oooh, that's nice.

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LOL! I got the business on my first build and my smokes were in the picture. It took me over a year to quit but I finally did. Thanx