Well, some of you might have read about a couple gaming computers I built last year for Simcity. The plan was to build them both to be upgraded easily. Here are the links to their listings on pcpartpicker:

Well, Simcity turned out to be a flop after we struggled through the bugs for the first few months and finally "beat" the game by building the Archology. It was a fun time because we were working as a team to try and defeat a game that at every turn was trying to make itself impossible to play.

Anyway, after about three months one of the computers was barely getting any use. I attempted to sell it as is for about six months with no luck. Finally, a friend of mine approached me to build him a PC for the Elder Scrolls Online and I just decided to sell him one of the two. He didn't like my price so I told him I would pull the GPU and he could buy his own and we settled at ten percent less than I paid previously (which I was extremely happy with).

Finally, I will be pulling the i3 out of the other PC and am in the process of selling a 'media center" PC to a friend who wants one in his living room. Selling him the i3 and the mouse/kb combo will cover about 60% of the cost of the i5.

All in all I probably lost $50 in the deal (which I think is a fair price to rent the other PC I had for a year). However, it allowed me to build this one, which I will be extremely pleased with.

WARNING: I have not ordered the i5 (assumed price below). My friend and I are getting together Friday to order the parts for his media center PC and I am ordering it then to save on shipping and possibly get a better deal.

Finally, it looks like a mess inside but it is pretty clean considering I am stuffing all of this into a mid tower. Most of the wires you can see are flush against the back of the case but you can see them due to the cutouts in the motherboard and having disk trays rather than a cage you would see in most PC's. If heat becomes a problem I will consider switching cases which will have the benefits of allowing better cable management and airflow. So far, it isn't a problem.

PS - There are three parts not listed but they are listed on the first link. A BluRay/HD DVD drive, DVD burner and 750GB HDD. They were parts I had lying around from a previous PC and they are all still in there and functional.

UPDATE: Ordered the processor for $179 after coupons and cash back from Tigerdirect with two-day shipping via Shoprunner. Should be here Friday 4/5/2014.

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  • 75 months ago
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overall pretty good but the cable management could be better given that PSU is fully modular, I'm not familiar with that case so maybe it was challenging to accomplish that (as the name of the case implies) ;)


  • 75 months ago
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I can and will do better. First task was getting the other GPU installed and crossfire working. I had tried crossfiring before and had issues so I thought I might be pulling it out again until I purchased the i5, so I didn't tear it down and fix the cable management.

I'll make a concerted effort when I have to remove the liquid cooler...but you are correct, it is a challenge with such little space and so much of the back of the case visible. If I do "too good" of a job it makes the case flex in ways I am not comfortable with.

  • 75 months ago
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Horrid cable management especially with titans route the cables through the back of the motherboard

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