Note: I marked $0.00 for all parts that I was reusing from my previous build/setup. All prices that are not $0.00 reflect the cost of all purchased parts after tax. I did this solely so I could keep track of how much I spent on everything that I was not reusing. Shout out to r/buildapcsales for the notifications of great deals available.

Preface: This build is to replace my aging FX 8350/GTX 970 system that I built my freshman year of high school. Back then I promised to hold out on upgrading until I finished my first year of college, which is finally over. I am currently selling my car (as seen on the desktop background) and decided to splurge a little bit since I will be receiving funds from that soon.

Build: The build itself went relatively smoothly. This is my 5th PC I've built now so really not much I haven't seen before. I was quickly reminded how hard it was to install the Hyper 212 Evo though. Had a little issue with my main monitor not displaying anything with displayport on initial boot. HDMI to my second monitor worked however, so I installed windows using that and then fixed the displayport issue once windows was installed. Not quite sure what the problem was, but it didn't take too long to fix.

Performance: Light years ahead of my old system. I pretty much only play CS:GO, PUBG, and Rocket League so this build will probably last me until I graduate from college. The ambient temperature of my room also no longer raises by 15° F like my old system when gaming (thanks AMD).

Worth the upgrade? duh

edit Yes, I know putting the PC on carpet is no bueno. I have done this for many years raising it up just slightly with cardboard and had no problems.

Part Reviews


Amazing performance. Definitely overpriced but so worth.

CPU Cooler

Pain to install but cools great on a budget. Reused for 3 builds now.


First ever SSD and loving the boot times.

Video Card

Amazing card. Found an open box for $583 before tax and jumped all over it.


Great looking case in my opinion and wanted for many years. Comes with 3 blue LED intake and 1 exhaust fan. Could definitely use more room for cable management however.

Power Supply

Going on 5 years, great value.


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When people use Hyper212's for i7's.......

  • 5 months ago
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When someone uses a rosewill case and used psu for a 9700k and 2080

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How's the cpu temp with the Hyper 212? I have a Hyper 212 and want to get a new cpu and gpu, might need to get a new mobo also.

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