My first build since 2002.

Prices correct at time of purchasing each item.

I currently have lots of external storage which I will use for my media, but plan on updating this some time next year with internal 3.5" storage. Hopefully 2x 10Tb each when they become more common.

Any tips welcome.

Will update this as I go along.


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Mid gaming? This is a fairly strong 'mid' especially for a htpc case. ha

Tips? More photos of assembly, final product and a story of how easy it was.. or the sweat and beers required please :)

Storage. depending on how this system is going to be used, I'd consider putting your main storage off site via server - heat/noise minimization. External drives are painfully slow and the shuffle for the right drive to find that high quality rip of an original Return of the Jedi is frustrating... err, well for me. ha

I'd also stick with smaller storage, it's lighter on the pocket and 10Tb of data is a lot to lose when one fails.

Best of luck!

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Hey @unicykle

Right, some more detailed pictures uploaded. I wasn't too sure if it was mid-gaming or slightly better, but didn't wanna big it up too much in case I was wrong, haha.

The build was relatively straightforward, except that where SilverStone suggests placement of the drives, just ain't gonna happen. Where they have allocated a space for the 2.5" drive, well if I put it there then it was impossible to connect the SATA cables, so I had to use up a space that was reserved for a 3.5" drive. That's fine for now as I don't need that space, but really crap if I did need it. I think I might use hook/loop to velcro it to the side of the PSU, should be ok there I think?

Cable management is next to non existent, I didn't really need it right now as I have plenty of ar flow and my CPU is sitting at around 20-25 degC, which I am happy with.

The space they have allocated for 120mm intake fan behind the PSU is so friggin tight!! I'm glad I had the rubber grommets to fit the fan, if it was solid screws then it wouldn't have fit. The rubber grommets allowed the fan to very slightly off-centre compared to the screw holes because of the 1mm or so that the PSU was taking up more than it should be. That PSU is 180mm depth, which is what SilverStone suggest as maximum if you want to use a 120mm fan, guess they were a little optimistic?

Other than these relatively minor quibbles, I'm quite happy. I will definitely be upgrading the case when I need to install 3.5" drives, the case is too tight to allow 3.5" drives and have all the cables there too.

I'm mainly using this system to play movie files but want it to have the added capability of watching other stuff too, such as Live TV, TV shows, Netflix, and play games too.

@unicykle - Why not just keep the drives locally? What's the thinking/theory behind having the main storage in a server off site, or is it only for the heat/noise issues? How would I connect the two?

Now I'm having the headache of trying to decide which software to choose, ie Kodi, MediaPortal, Emby, WMC or Plex?

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I'm thinking, for storage, should I go down the NAS route or the Server route?