So to start off this might seem a little clickbaity because I always seem to be making changes to my PC. Whethere thats increasing storage, changing the fans or now, going with some RGB high speed RAM, I think I will always love to tinker with this build and even though that may seem like I am never happy with it, that is far from the reality.

I LOVE this PC and I find it so hard to even consider a major upgrade after the GPU being changed from a GTX 1070 ONLY because the value was dropping and I was going to 1440p gaming. I cant really even have the motivation to change because I just know that even if there are plenty of CPUs from both sides that beat mine, there are almost none that can do 4ghz base clock on all cores.

I would love to provide a history for this PC and each part I have used but I feel that should really be saved for a video when I either change out the PC completely for a new one, or when it dies, and I can have a bit of a nostalga montage of the thing that has made me fall in love with computers and kept me motivated to do more within the IT industry, now as I train as an apprentice. (Such as even starting my own NAS project and hopefully getting some help from work!).

Now for anyone looking at this and saying "holy cow that is so overpriced for nearly £3k worth of hardware", I have included about 70% of the things I have bought and kept over the.. wow.. 3.5 years (I had no idea it was so long!) since I first started building my PC back when I got my first job during college.

Most of what I have bought has also been at a discount or used as I have accumulated, and also some of this stuff is not present in my PC due to the fact I then had no need for it and kept it around, or that, such is the case with the AORUS SSD, I did not have enough PCI Express lanes from the skylake platfrom to accomidate the installment of the drive.

If you have gotten this far into reading, welll done, I dont know much formatting to make this look good.

Thank you for reading and I would love to hear what you guys think about the build, as well as any ideas for my NAS as I am wanting to basically back up my many terrabyes of video from my current hard drives to the NAS as well as share space with my family. (2-3x 8TB drives for myself in RAID most likley and 1-2x 4TB drive for my family).

Part Reviews



The only reason I cannot rate it higher is just simply because of the fact there are better CPUs out there for the price and the fact I can now feel the hardware limiations with having only 16x PCI express lanes to share for the entire PC including storage, while Ryzen keeps some lanes seperate for storage (allegedly).

(Also runs HOT but that is kind of the premise of owning high end intel chips)

CPU Cooler

Good. Cannot really say much for the stock fans because it was a refurb unit from overclockers, so they were loud as anything. But its a solid cooler if you want to keep things a little cooler in an otherwise airflow constrained enviroment.


Beautiful. Sure I gave up the sexy MSI Z170 Pro carbon soon, but this thing is in a whole other world with skylake. So much more to do and all I have tried is to overclock my RAM.


Bought this on amazon NEW in a sale for £120 back in the day when RAM was more controband than drugs because of how rare it was for anything to have value.

Now you can get 32GB RGB kits for something near that price new, but, it saved my bacon playing many games even though I still rocked a 2GB 670 FTW from EVGA for some time, and a 4GB stick of RAM just to play Fallout 4!!!!


Not really utilised sadly, but I do know Linus from LTT has one in his PC, so either ask him for the better opinion, or, RGB for £136~ :D


About £170 new from eBay. The drive did mess me about once where it stuck itself into read only and I could not even format the drive to fix it. Might have been to do with pemissions but other than that hickup, I am so happy to have my games stored in one central place. It has been a long time coming.

Speed wise, I was really actually happy with my 2TB WD blue HDD's for my games, but this just elevates my experience and I love it.


First one I bought was from CEX, Second was from someone on Facebook, and and Third was from eBay new. Never failed me once and is superb at its job just holding my many many many months and years of videos from way back when I used to play on a i5-4210U and 4GB ddr3 ram laptop.

Video Card

Bought from someone used for about 2-3 months at £350. Worth Every Penny. Even if it is excessive, or WAS when I bought it orignally.


Oldie but a goodie.

A lot of this case I feel i would like to upgrade as I want the Phanteks Luxe or go mini with the Shift, but, this is one of those cases I have always wanted since I first even got interested in PC gaming, never mind building my own, and It has just been something that I must keep simply because of what it is, and also the quirks new cases will never ever have again.

(second favorate case is the rosewill blackhawk ultra. But that was £400 used last I checked and now its basically as rare as a 4 leaf clover to see one being listed anywhere, at least in Eroupe).

Optical Drive

My dad's old DVD player when I did an upgrade on his pc:


Got another 2 years since buying this for £20. Its alright. Its anti-virus. Shame I wish work told me sooner that I could use the one they are paying for, for FREE! haha. :(

Wireless Network Adapter

Good: Looks nice and might be a bit faster than the TP link USB drive I was using

Bad: Takes up a PCI express lane, gets kind of hot, might (might) be worse than the USB.



Who needs Pewdiepies chair when you have THIS!


£100. Will be used again.

Shame it has no vesa mount hence 4/5 stars as it is otherwise a very high quality product.


Being used at work now. Not bad for that purpsone and I guess I can look flashy (or stupid) bringing my own stuff in.


Maybe because I got it used it was crap. But I am not really impressed. Yet to try the Cloud 2's which my friend was REALLY lucky to get for £25 and in amazing condition, so I may end up 'borrowing' those if he gets another pair of headphones.


Pretty nice. My only downside is you cannot wear them for too long in one sitting unlike some headsets that might be foam padded as the weight of it does seem to sink in and the leather earcups do get a little uncomfortable after a while.

However that doesn't take away from the overall use of it and I really love this headset.


Good and crap. Got it cheap so I shouldn't complain too much.

My dislike really comes from the fact it costs £50 new, and It dosent sound like something worth £50, and the fact you have no option besides removing the USB cable to mute/ turn off the microphone.

Why is the red light always on?


Good. No issues yet even when I stuff my face full of Ritz biscuits.


Had these babies for ages. At least 5-6 years if not longer. Amazing audio for getting them free.

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Upside-down Corsair logo on the cooler gives this its personality. Nice build.