I like building computers, it's a hobby. I take all the time I need to do a good job, even if it means cutting all the plastic ties and re-tying everything once, twice or more. Kills me to have a stack of DDR3 memory and let it gather dust until the time comes to dump in recycling.

I used to have an FX-8350 computer a few years ago and I liked it, ran multiple VMs at the same time no problem. For this build, I wanted to put together another one of those, with some flashy lights. Some really like the RGB stuff, some really don't. I aimed to please in order to sell quickly. And I did.

Found the LED strips kit on Amazon for cheap, came with RF transmitter and remote control. I was really impressed with the LED quality. Very bright, yet you can dim them with the remote. They remember their configuration after power out.

Got my hands on a GTX 260 video card, it's old but it runs fine for games like World Of Warcraft. I cut and crimped my own wire harnesses for the 2x6 PIN connectors with black 18AWG wire. I would have sleeved them if it would have been a build for myself or family. But even bare, looks way better all black then the ketchup/mustard PSU wires.

Overall, happy how it turned out, ran great, quiet, and can be good for a while longer especially if replacing the video card with something like a 1030 for cheap.

Part Reviews


Great CPU, 8 cores at 4.0GHz without OC, 4.2GHz turbo boost. Can't beat the price for the performance (in the AM3 spectrum anyway).

CPU Cooler

Was surprised to find this cooler included with my FX-8350, didn't think it had RGB LEDs. Super quiet fan. Tried a cheaper no brand cooler and ran Prime95, then installed this one and ran Prime95 again, and this one keeps the CPU cooler by at least 10 C, and much more quieter. The cables to connect to the fan to change the LED colours or animation are not obvious. I connected just one in my build to the USB header, set my colour, and then disconnected the cable. Even after no power, the fan remembers its RGB setting.


For the price, I liked this case. The white is glossy and shiny on the steel, front plastic has a white brushed finished, which actually looks decent. The front fan arrangement is peculiar but I made it work for me. I found there was plenty of space for cable management, but it takes time if you want to do a good job. The CPU ATX power cutout is a bit frustrating but if you take your time, it fits under the motherboard and over just fine. Certainly not a top product considering the quality, but really can't complain for the price.


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Not bad... not bad at all. I built something like it a few months ago; nice to see someone else not letting the FX chips go to waste. +1

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Nice build!