Pretty sweet little portable rig on a budget. Re-used some old parts I had around, bought some others on eBay. I mostly use this for Overwatch, CS:GO, and Fortnite when gaming at my girlfriend's house.

Part Reviews


Bought this on eBay and saved a couple bucks. Have a stock cooler from an R5 1600 that I'm using (copper core). Very happy with the CPU for the $$.

OC'd to 4 GHz at 1.269V running fairly cool and stable for Cinebench and Prime95 tests. So far so good in normal use as well. Gets a little hot in Prime95 but hovers at around 80C after about 10 minutes of torture test. Cinebench scores around 604 consistently. Using 0.08125 Offset voltage.


Great little board so far! Tons of features packed onto it and the connectors are in smart places for using in a small case. I've only OC'd on Asus ROG Strix boards so far, but they've all been easy and seem to have good power delivery. Will eventually move my R5 1600 to this rig once the new gen comes out.


Overpriced currently but does the trick. Got it stable at 2933 MHz right now. Low profile is nice for small case.


Got this from an old Craigslist computer I bought. Total cost of the PC was $140 and this little sucker was hidden in there, wasn't in the ad! Good stuff.

Video Card

Bought this on eBay a few months ago. Works great for the e-sports style games I play on this PC. Gets 70+ FPS on Overwatch with High settings, and manages to play PUBG at 60 FPS on Low/Medium. Stays pretty cool as well, very impressed for the cash.

Not much overclocking headroom though as there is no PCI power connector, and it comes OC'd out of the box pretty well.


Pain in the *** to assemble/disassemble but a fun challenge nonetheless. Cooling could be better if there was some kind of intake in the front. I put a slim 120mm fan in the top vent, and also removed the plexiglass window in favor of some metal mesh to improve the cooling.

One of the smaller cases for under $100.00, and looks great. Can fit bigger GPU if you want.

Power Supply

Works great so far! Runs a little warm, and the cables are attrocious. They are also not flat which is kind of annoying for an SFX power supply. I made it work and the actual box itself is small, which is nice. Price point is also good compared to competition.

Would give it another star with modular cables, especially if they were flat.

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  • 27 months ago
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what happened to the 1060 and the 4770 build? upgraded to a bigger case?

  • 27 months ago
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  • 27 months ago
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I sold a bunch of the parts because I bought a motorcycle, and the timing was good for selling the GPU with the recent bubble. Then I decided I couldn't give up having the second computer so I went for a more budget option! :)

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  • 28 months ago
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"Build for Netflix and chill." Ha!

Haven't though about a handle yet. I usually put it in a backpack and ride the motorcycle over there, or if I bring it to work I put it in a basket on my bicycle.

+1 for the lols!

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