Hello All. Thanks for checking out this build. It's been a really long time since I've been able to build a PC and the urge to build was starting to rear its ugly head. I've always wanted a HEDT PC but never really had the budget to have one. To be clear, i don't have a real need or use for a High end DT. I don't do any 3d modeling, video editing, or anything like that. This is just for Kicks.

CPU - 1st Gen Threadrippers are going for a really good price nowadays and are still very capable chips. I got mine right before Black Friday so the price was as nice. The 1900x can be had now for around $150. Like i stated, i don't do any real intensive work so this was the perfect CPU for this build.

CPU Cooler - Not a big fan of water cooling. I'm old school so the thought of a springing a leak in an AIO is something i feel is not worth the risk especially since there are Air Coolers like the Noctua NH-14S TR4-SP3. It can hang with just about any 240 AIOs. Price is reasonable as well. Added an extra fan on mine for Push Pull config.

MB - Motherboards for sTR4 are still going for really high prices so i took a chance with a used auction item on Ebay. $145 was at least a hundred bucks cheaper than the cheapest new board but this ASUS Prime is loaded. Was also surprised when it arrived and it came with all accessories that should have came with a brand new one. The Description on the auction listed MB and IO shield only. Very happy so far as this thing looks brand new. The NVME thermal pad still had the cover on it like its never been used.

RAM - Black Friday purchase but i probably should have looked at the model number. These are not on the MB's validated list of ram and the System will not post at the listed 3200mhz. I've got it running at 2933 but i'm good with it for now.

SSD - This was my last purchase to complete the build. Originally wanted to use the Corsair M510 but they were not available anywhere for a reasonable price. I ordered from Amazon but the delivery date kept getting pushed out. Cancelled and settled on the Samsung 970 evo as the price was reasonable for a tried and true item.

GPU - This RX480 is from my old PC and for the games i play i can't complain. Does great at 1080P and i got it for $60 bucks about a year ago from an Ebay auction. Gonna get my money's worth with this one. No Doubt.

Case - This case has incredible airflow and quiet to boot. Pcpartpicker has it listed as incompatible with the ASUS Prime MB but i can tell you that it does work. You just have to really plan out your build. An extension on the MB 24pin cable will definitely help and i will be adding in the future. Came with 3 fans and thumbscrews for the TG.

PSU - Was originally going to re-use my Seasonic x-650 watt PSU but i decided to give that pc to my son. Big fan of Seasonic so i went with the PRIME Ultra 850 W. Got it for a great price as well. One day sale on Newegg.

Wifi - Not much to say. The one that's actually in my pc isn't listed yet so i selected the one nearest in price. The model i have is actually Wifi AX so a great bargain.

Again, Thank you for looking!

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  • 1 month ago
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Its a very nice build you have here. Later on when threadripper becomes a thing of the past you will be able to pick up some seriously powerful cpu's for dirt cheap such as the 2990WX (though i usually like to go a tier below top because of the price difference. HEDT hold their value VERY poorly so In a few years an upgrade won't be expensive if you need one. as an example an i7-3930k is only 78 bucks. Nice job with the build!

  • 1 month ago
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Why is there 32gb ram in this system

  • 1 month ago
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I guess one might ask why this list at all, but given the bottom line, why not!

This is just for Kicks.

Works for me...

  • 1 month ago
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For quad channel it almost Costs as much to go for 16gb. And again "Just for Kicks" so 32gb it is.