After several years with my trustful Thinkpad laptop, it is time to go back to the true form of PC. Used for gaming and Solidworks CAD, with a big attention to good performance, low thermals, and low noise. I can say that this build achieved the first two with great success (CPU & GPU maxing at about 40[C] above room temperature), the latter- noise... well, fans operation even under combined CPU+GPU load is really quiet, but when stretching the GPU there is some coil whine audible due to the open nature of this case, though it is not noticeable over sounds of a game, or even if just putting headphones on. Overall I'm really happy with it and all the process of the build.

Edit (Feb. 2nd '20): -The vertical monitor is my old AOC P2460Pxq 1200p IPS monitor I used to plug my Thinkpad into when using at home. -I intend to only use SSDs, will add as need for more storage space arises.

Part Reviews


Great performance for it's price. May be upgraded down the path (on the next gen Ryzen), but currently when running the 2070S on 1440p it is up to the task.

CPU Cooler

Cools great, looks great, easy to install, and quite affordable. may be a bit overkill for the Ryzen 5 3600, but it keeps it running on its boost with no problem, plus leaves a headroom for future upgrade.

Thermal Compound

Had some of it from a previous project of Thinkpad CPU+heat-sink-fan swap. It performs great but a bit pricey, so I would have used the included Scythe thermal paste that came with the cooler if it wasn't already available.


A bang for the buck NVME storage. Hope the QLC won't be too bad for my use of this system.


A pleasure to build in, and really lets you get advantage of efficient cooling solutions. I like it's compact yet versatile layout, with great compatibility for huge CPU tower coolers, and weird GPU dimensions. Subjectively, I am pro the more "subtle" overall appearance of the case (though ended with some lightning inside the enclosure).

Power Supply

This power is overkill for this build, but at a local store it was negligibly more expansive than the 650W model. I like the fact it has a smi-passive mode, so the fan rarely spins. If it spins, at all, (other than startup, can't tell) it is really quiet. Cables are all black and nice, but a bit stiff.

Case Fan

Re-using an old version I had around from a previous build. still runs quite quiet.


Bought it locally in a holiday sale for around half the price it listed on the few sites still selling it. Great colors (IPS), and it is my first high refresh rate or synced monitor so I cant really compare that aspect. Thought I would hate the green accents on stand and bottom bezel, but it is not that noticeable when using the monitor.

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