An expansion on my previous build in 2016, this features basically the same hardware, except a new AMD RYZEN CPU, and a new ATX motherboard. However, I focused mostly on making the build as aesthetically pleasing as possible, but while keeping to a budget price. This also includes an RGB LED strip that I taped to the bottom of the case. The Deepcool CAPTAIN 120EX allows me to keep the cpu overclocked to 3.8GHz on stock voltage, without getting hot.

Part Reviews


In my opinion, it's better to go for the slightly more expensive 1300x than the 1200, due to the higher clock speeds, and XFR support. In other words, an amazing processor for playing almost any game at high settings.

CPU Cooler

Liquid cooler that does what it's supposed to do. One of the best looking ones on the market.


Enthusiast motherboard in disguise. M.2 Drive, pump header, and overclocking support, all while at a cheap and affordable price. Looks very sleek as well.


This is from a previous build I did, but it still holds up.


It's a hard drive. It stores data and retrieves data. There's nothing else you really need from it.

Video Card

Very powerful GPU for the price, however, the RX 470 and 570 are much faster at a slightly higher MSRP.


Beautiful, gorgeous case with amazing cable management. You can't beat the price.

Power Supply

It hasn't blown up yet.

Wireless Network Adapter

Kinda unreliable, but good when i'm at a different house without an Ethernet cable.

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  • 24 months ago
  • 1 point

Looks very nice

  • 24 months ago
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What fans do you have in this build?

  • 19 months ago
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Very nice build, looks amazing. Just a question, for the cpu and motherboard, did it tell you to install an adapter ?

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