My intention was to create a small, silent, but capable family desktop to sit in the living room and be the primary computer everyone uses. Since it is so small, we may even travel with this computer if we have reason. This computer does not have to do heavy gaming, just little games for the kids. We do general surfing & shopping, tap into our NAS to manage files and edit some photos and videos(minor). It is small enough to be tucked under the monitor and is out of the way. Sitting right next to it, you cannot hear anything. Even if you run it full load, you have to put your face up to it to hear the fan. This was my first build, and took my time with the cable management in the Chopin, knowing it was a tight fit. I think I had the mobo out 3 times just getting everything routed and tucked as best I could. Cable management was somewhere 30-45minutes until I was happy. I ran the SATA cables to the back of the case and tied them off. I am only using the M.2, but do not want to have to redo the work if I add a couple SSD later.

Overall, its a great little computer, and I would do it again. The prices you see are mostly from Black Friday online.

Part Reviews


I am happy with it. We use it as a family desktop and it has handled all our needs well. Went for the 2400G over 2200G because I wanted no regrets of wanting more when I could have easily had it for a little more money.

CPU Cooler

This thing is awesome. It is MUCH lower profile than the stock cooler, hold temps well on the 2400G, and is silent. I would prefer not to spend $40 when a cooler is included with the CPU, but I would absolutely buy this again for a SFF build.


Has all the right features I wanted, and was BIOS ready for the 2400G. That being said, I had to RMA the first one for a dead HDMI port. The bios version on there had a lockup issue when I was trying to set it up. I found others had the same problem, and found a work-around. Once I had it set up, and then updated the bios to the latest, everything came together.


This was the lowest cost AMD 2x8 DDR4-2400. I am not planning to overclock, and this was the highest native speed of the chipset. No complaints.


I have this as my boot drive. After splash screen. Windows opens within maybe 3 seconds, and as fast as I can open Task Manager, the drive and the CPU are both at 1%. Lightning fast.


I love the size. It is just big enough to house the necessities, and feels likely a quality product. Cable management takes a little planning and iteration, but you can get a very neat system with a touch of patience.


The computer for this monitor is an all 'round family computer, using integrated graphics. I wanted a nice monitor with a large screen, knowing we didn't need very high resolution or high frame rates. I also wanted built-in speakers so I did not have to have any on the desk. Sound quality is not great, but as good as expected. I would have preferred curved for this size, but could not pass up the price on it. I have had no issues with it.

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  • 14 months ago
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Nice looking PC. That's really close to the parts list I'm building for my wife's work PC. I picked the Gigabyte B450 motherboard though because it has 2 HDMI plugs, and the silver version of the case.

  • 14 months ago
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I would have bought a GPU.

  • 14 months ago
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he cant put one in the case

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  • 14 months ago
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How so?

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  • 14 months ago
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I bought it as an alternative to having 2 monitors.

The kids' content never fills the screen. When me or my wife are working, we can snap multiple windows and arrange them so that we can multitask easily.