My first PC build, on a $750-850 budget. This replaced my old Celeron J3060 PC.

I use the machine for general purposes, but mainly it's used for video editing. So far, it's doing very well for what I want it to do. The only problem so far is that I accidentally chipped off a piece of the motherboard (next to the CMOS) while clearing the CMOS (I was OCing the RAM.)

I had actually planned this build in December 2017, which initially had a 1050 Ti, but due to increasing costs, I had to switch out to the RX 560.

Part Reviews


Great CPU, does very well for the job.


Decent enough motherboard. When I first tried to OC on this board it underclocked my CPU.


Good, fast RAM, what else do I have to say?


My first SSD. I was blown back by my new boot times and everything felt so much more responsive. Not the fastest but it's still pretty good.


Good HDD for mass storage.

Video Card

Good GPU, plays games fine at medium settings. Not as much value at this price, though.


Nice, sleek, and minimal case. Only problem is that there's not much space for drives.

Power Supply

I've heard good things about SeaSonic PSUs, and this one is no exception. However, it's a bit outdated.


Standard 1080p monitor.

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  • 26 months ago
  • 2 points

More pictures please? Also great build!

  • 21 months ago
  • 2 points

Hi, currently building a pc and need help. Were you able to hit 3200mhz or 3000mhz with this set of memory if not what was the highest speed you got a stable OC thanks in advance.

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