Something I've been wanting to do for awhile and finally got to... Used for gaming, Music production and everyday use. Everything works as it should no complaints as far as build go. Haven't bought any Monitor/s, Currently using Samsung tv; any suggestions would be great. Top 3 on my list are Viewsonics VX2457, Samsung 370, and the LG 25um57

Part Reviews

CPU Cooler

quick installation, installation guide could be more specific as to which size to use


great board no issue

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  • 46 months ago
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The only thing I'd change is well I mean where are your 46 R9 295X2's? jk it's a great build man

+1 Because you actually know which way is proper to face a CPU cooler lmao :P

  • 46 months ago
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Please tell me that HDD is used, not bought, there are MUCH cheaper options than that.

It's amazing how RAM prices dropped for the DDR4 platform. Yesterday I was dreaming about one day having 16 GB of RAM, but now, DDR4 2400 MHz RAM for a mere $60? Amazing.

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  • 46 months ago
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Yea, has all the standard I/O has USB 3.1 as well, looks cool to has a shiny shield that cool too.